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Tech Worker

Today’s technology workers have to be vast in what the can handle. The day has long past to just be a simple computer repair person or even a networking guru. Working for school districts has transformed the way I look at technology and how I approach each day. When you work for a profit company you may begin to get a little rusty because you are working with one system or another and you don’t get to invest time with many forms of technology. I always instruct my staff to learn about all forms of technology because the students and teachers that we assist deserve the very best from their tech teams. Not only do we watch over servers, network switches and Windows computers we also get involved with Smart Boards, Macs, iPads, Tablets, Video Production and Education software. We are the experts that people rely on daily to enable them to teach and learn. Microsoft Office is a great tool and has been around for a long time but Google and G Suite has been taking over schools by storm. So we as technology motivators have to curve our way of thinking and assist in finding new and better cost effective ways to educate the young people of today. iPads are very predominant in education and we must know how to push apps out to the teachers and students while still securing the devices. A very good school technologist will never stop learning and investigating new ways to help the district educate with technology while keeping an eye on the budget to make it cost effective for everyone.

As you can see the World of Technology is always changing. And I have worked for a profit company where you don’t get to see innovation because making money is the key to their success. But in education we innovate with Technology all the time to show students that technology is changing and we get to help show them the new World they will be stepping into.


Was I Hacked Or Not?


If you tried to visit my site over the past few days it might have been down? I was e-mailed from my hosting company and they told me they found a virus on my site. They really didn’t have the time to fix the site. I was out of town at a conference. When I did have sometime to look at the site I found it down. I don’t know how long it was off line.

Once I got home I was able to dig into the issue. I was able to re-upload the entire word press blogging site. Once I did that the site came back to life. I feel very lucky.

I can say I am still not sure of what happened. I think that their virus scanners caught an old file and flagged it. One thing that is good I have no one who logs into this site. There are no members to worry about. The main thing is the site is back up and the reviews will once again be live.


The First IMac

I am not sure now that Steve Jobs invented the first IMac? In cleaning out some old technology at the school we came across this little old learning aid.

Although it is not a real computer I think this is where old Steve got the design from? And I thought it was designed by a group at Apple? It is fun to come across old technology! What can you find around your office?

The First IMac


Consulting Work

I truly love consulting work. I have been working for a few local offices and managing their technology. This has lead me into a vast amount of different areas. I think the best thing about being brought in as an consultant after a network is already running is reverse engineering. You have to look at something someone built and get into their head and clean up the mess.

There are a million people in this World claiming to be a technologist. The fact is they don’t have a clue. You hire them and next thing you know you are in a bigger mess then you started with.

If you are looking for a technology consultant / installer then look no further. Call me today. Even if you live anywhere on the globe. I offer remote services or can fly to your location.

Here are a few pics of a recent job I was on. I had to remove a non booting computer and replace it with a new one. I was told at the end of the job that I made it look so easy. I retrieved all of the old data using the cable shown and placed it onto the new PC.




Day Two Living In the Past No Cell Internet or Social Media

Well after day two I can say my arm already seems less tired at the end of the day from not picking up the phone and lifting it to see if I have any important messages.

Okay not so much true but I feel a little less stressed because I am not checking for urgent emails all day or looking at social media and worrying about what my friends are doing in their lives.

Have I missed any important emails or messages? NO! I am a technology director and I have access to a computer where ever I turn anyway so I just check my email where ever I may be at any given time.

Do I miss the social? Not as much as I thought I would. I miss seeing my friends and groups pictures they are taking but on a real note I don’t miss all the drama that everyone want to create on the social circuit. If my mom wants to talk to me she will just call like she use to.

I will report back tomorrow for day three of my week long test.

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Chromebook In Action

I really have been enjoying the Chromebook and how light weight it is and how long the battery life is running for up to 10 hours.

Pictured here is two shots I took the other day while using it to stream content from the web. It would be nice if the speakers were a little louder but it worked fine as it is.


Chromebook in action

Chromebook in action

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Ubuntu Gets a Update to 13.04

Today a new updated Ubuntu has been released. We are now on Version 13.04. I am currently downloading it so I have no review but I hope to get it installed somewhere and be able to give you some thoughts later. Download it and try it for your self. 



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11.6″ Samsung Chromebook


I am working at using this little powerful guy as my only carry laptop and I am going to use it daily so that I can get a feel for what our students will be dealing with if anything? This laptop sells new for $249.00 or $280.00 for education because of the management back end. We as many schools will be putting money into the Chrome basket to get more a lot more with less money. Let’s say schools are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by using Chrome and Google Docs. Also the back end is seeing a savings because there will be no Microsoft Licenses or Anti Virus software.

I have to get use to the keyboard not because it is smaller it is just a very easy touch. Technology changes and we have to allow our selves to grow and learn with the technology.

If you are in education then I would say pick up a Chrome book and begin learning how you can live without some apps from your life.

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IMac going for a treatment

I have lost so much sleep over getting this new hard drive in my IMac you would think it was one of my kids going to the hospital. It is just scary when we have our entire lives on a computer. Not only loosing this data but it falling into the wrong hands?

So I made about a million time machine backups as well as my backups to another hard drive and I also have a online backup and I was still nervous as hell to format and clean off the Mac for service. I started to delete items but you know that would never work you will always miss something.

Well better go and get the car carrier out or the box I mean! I will report more about this when I get my IMac back home!