Programming for IOS

X Code

I have always wanted to start programming for IOS for both the iPhone and the iPad. I have plans designed to take some if not all business from some Pittsburgh based companies. I have always wanted to design this system I am working on and I figure if I can build the right team this will be a great part-time work. I still really enjoy where I am working now and I work for a great company. But it is time to take this project to the masses. First I have to learn more about programming using Xcode.

I have been a Visual Basic as well as a PHP programmer for years now. For this project I am working on it will require the use of the iPad. If you are reading this and you feel you would like to be a part of this start-up please get in touch with me.


Collaborative Learning


Collaborative learning is a great way to teach for the 21st century. Today’s largest companies create and move their businesses by using collaborative meetings. Companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft have teams that meet often to come up with the next big thing. Even programming companies work on large code projects with many programmers coming up with ideas and each writing a piece of the code.

Today’s education, for the most part, is leading this new way of educating children from elementary to high school and even in the college setting. With the help of great tools such as interactive whiteboards, Google Suite and Office 365 and much more. Smartphones can also be a great collaborative learning tool. The focus is getting students to learn together much like the businesses of today.

I enjoy walking into a classroom and seeing a teacher walking around the room and assisting the students in learning in group settings. The day’s of the teacher standing in front of the classroom and lecturing have been put back into the dark ages of education.

If you do teach or even lead teams in a business find ways to have each person or student contribute to the overall lesson. You will find great rewards when you see how much your students or staff know.


Leslie Fisher #ISTE11

The room is filling up with attendees waiting for Leslie Fisher to begin. I first saw Leslie in Washington DC and ISTE09. Leslie bring great energy to any stage. She also brings her years of Apple and IPhone expertise along with her.

Leslie Fisher
Rock Melt

Google Voice



Event Brite

Type With Me

Ever Note

Live Scribe



Sony NEX
Sony cybershot HX5V

Smug Mug

Neat Co

Good Reader for IOS

Sound Notes for IOS

IPad Cases

Thanks to Leslie for another great lesson in tech!



Using FREE Open Source Software SAVE MONEY!

So how come so many people I talk to about computers thinks that if you don’t buy your software then it must be no good, or a least lack some features.

Let’s first begin with the Antivirus I use on all my home computers. Avast which can be found at AVAST.COM.

Using this FREE antivirus program will save you from ever having to pay for another update. This program updates almost every other day with new virus signatures. So why does a company like this give away their program? I really think the first reason is that they want to keep viruses off the Internet. Another reason is that they want you to spread the word about how your computer stays free of viruses and maybe the computer you work for will buy their business edition.

Another great FREE Office replacement is Open Office which can be downloaded for FREE at:

This is a FREE Word Processor, Spread Sheet and Presentation Programs. I have read that some of the programmers on this project work for some of the major companies writing code for their office packages. Why is it FREE? Because there are folks out there that enjoy writing code, this is how they relax. This program is great I have written a entire book using it.

Here is a list of some more great programs you can use for FREE to do what you do now but loose no MONEY. Just search for these on Google.

Picasa: Use this to manage and edit all your digital photos.
Gimp: More advanced photo editor (Feels like Photoshop)
Thunder Bird: E-Mail client (Feels like Outlook)
Turbo Cash: Finance Software (Feels like Quicken)
Keynote: Use this for all your Note Taking and Ideas.

All of this software is FREE and has a very large community that support and report any bugs for the products. When you need an application look first towards Open Source Software.