Happy At Your Job

I have had a few chances and people calling me with job offers over the past few years. I have also had companies miss out on what could have been their best catch since sliced bread. But I have to tell you one thing. I am happy to get up and go to work each day. The School District and the teachers and staff I get to work with are some of the best in the business. And the other techs I have the privilege to work with are the best in the business.

Now let’s talk about the company I work for. I work for one of the fastest growing Fortune 500 Companies in Pittsburgh Pa. I was very happy when I was selected to come into this growing company. You always feel like you are treated like family.

So the next time you wake up and get a shower and get into your car will you be Happy to go to work? If not keep looking one day you will find a job like I have found.