Thanksgiving Eve


Are you traveling to grandmas house this Holiday season or are you going to the new boyfriends or girlfriends parents house if you are watch your table manners and always remember to say please and thank you.

Or maybe you are just staying home with loved ones and talking about old times and watching some good old football game.

The one thing I don’t want you to do is stay home alone and sit by yourself. This could lead to heart ache and depression. Get out there and meet some new people and enjoy life, we are not here long enough to dream about tomorrow we have to act today.



Testing new Extension

    Testing a new Fire Fox Extension

I just found this new extension that allows me to post to this blog or any other really while inside of Fire Fox without having to log into my blog site. I would see this as being a handy little tool for posting quick thoughts.

If you are using Fire Fox and have a blog then I would suggest that you download this extension today.


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I am glad that you stopped by to help bring HIGH SPEED INTERNET to our town. I keep asking my self if everyone is getting High Speed Internet on all sides of us then why can they not provide it to us? I am sure you have been asking the same question as I have talked with some of our residents and found this to be the case.

From what I understand from Verizon is that once we have the 50 customers sign up using the form I pointed you to they must provide us with High Speed DSL within and no longer then 12 months from the date that we hit the 50 that we need. The way I look at this is that we at least will be heard and they will know that we have a lot of computers in our town and yes we do use the Internet.

Help me to spread the word, talk to everyone who lives around you and pass the web site link around so that we can hit the begin date soon.

In talking to a field rep I found that we have the cables in the area we need, all they need is the reason to turn them on and provide us with the speed we need.

Please when you do fill out the web form for Verizon fill in my little form with your address and location so that I know when I can call them and start pushing to have this completed.

Thank You for your support in this matter!


Day 1 With Vista

I have taken the plunge and installed Windows Vista on my laptop, yes the laptop I use every day to begin to get the feel of this new operating system from who else but Microsoft. This new OS is due out on new machines at the end of this month yes November.

I would think you should see it on store shelves by December just in time for you to buy a copy for your loved ones. I am thinking of working on a complete write up of this new OS. I have already found little corks in the way you have to do some tasks, such as installing software.

Keep checking back on this blog and I will tell you more in the upcoming days, weeks and months and I learn another NEW operating system.


Did you take your kids trick or treating?

Trick Or Treat!

Yes that was the name of the game on tuesday night, or maybe it was wet or rain? The only thing that was nice about the whole thing was that is really tired the kids out and because they were getting so wet they really didn’t want to stay out to long at least mine didn’t.

It was really nice to see the people in our neighborhood standing out in the cold and rain to hand out their treats, while some of them did stay in doors I really understand that also.

Maybe next year we should watch the weather outside before selecting our kids costumes, maybe we can dress them in a wet suit and call them a scuba diver?

Thats all my thoughts today I hope to post some other thought soon.


Burgettstown School Area


I would like to hear from any of you who may have been at the Burgettstown powderpuff football game, maybe we could call it the frozen football game! If you were one of us who was there then you would know what I mean, but we all sit there to watch our brave gallant girls move the ball up and down the field. I want to give you a few observations that I made during the game.

First: When we are at a boys event there is always a ambulance standing by on the side lines just in case, and if you watched this game you would know these girls are hitting and pulling each other to the ground with you guessed it no padding to protect them or even a helmet.

Second: From the first the girls had NO protection. These are our little darlings that should not be getting hit that hard with nothing to protect even there vital areas. Did we think that girls would not hit each other?

Third: They needed some form of heating on the side lines, our girl got back in the car and we could not warm her fast enough, did anyone ever hear of hypothermia?Okay I will get off my high horse, I guess I just want to look out for my kids as I am sure you do. If anyone from the school board reads this ask these questions at your next meeting I would like to know what is said on this subject.

One last thought: Why is girls sports played down against the boys sports, if you were a parent at the game you payed to get in, where does our money go if not back to our kids, yes the GIRLS! And I know they had to train hard to get ready for the season which ends after one game. We need a ledge, yes I said it, have these girls play against some other local schools and let them have their 15 minutes of fame!

Write back and comment on this I would really like to hear what you have to say.


DSL for Atlasburg

If you found my sheets hanging around our small town and then you worked to find my site, then Welcome. I am a little disappointed to not having a lot of people signing up to bring DSL to our town. This will work, I don’t care what you were told in the past. I found a way for us to have high speed Internet. And if you checked out the Verizon site you will see it is not the normal add your telephone number, I don’t think anyone reads those. This site was put up because of FCC regulations and the Governor of PA is making them provide DSL to any town that shows they have a need for this type of service.

In talking with a field rep, I found that there is a new fiber optics box right on Cherry Valley – Atlasburg Rd. that verizon refuses to turn on, they feel that we are a town of older coal miners and do not have computers.

In looking at the count I am only seeing 5 of us signed up at this point. We need 50 or 25% of the customers in the town. Most of you know that DSL is in Slovan – Burgettstown – Avella – Hickory, yes it is all around us and I know that most of you are not coal miners as well as a lot of you have children, much like my self and they need High Speed Internet to complete some of their school work.

Call everyone in town you know, stop people on the street and tell them to look at this site or go directly to the site:

And sign up today, we need everyones help in this fight to put Atlasburg on the Internet map! Thank You