Vista and Office 2007 Launch

Today we attended the Windows Vista and Office 2007 launch. First I could not get over the number of people that was at this release. With every click of the mouse you heard people saying wow and ahhh! Everyone who attended the show did receive a FREE yes FREE and FULL yes FULL version of Office 2007 Pro, but you have to install it before March or it expires. We did have a great time and it was true Microsoft fashion, I can always tell that I am at a great show when I get FREE coffee during the entire show. If you want to hear more about this day check out The Vista Show and listen to me rave on about this day!

Are you ready for Windows Vista or Office 2007?


There is 2 new Microsoft products that you will be learning very soon. I created a new show that you may want to check out to help you to learn these two new products. Check out The Vista Show this is a weekly online radio show or a podcast if you know what these are. It is an audio file that you download to your computer and you learn by listening.
I have been invited to the Official release party of these two new products. I am hoping to get some pictures of the event for you to have a look at the release.

Are you cold enough?

I was thinking back the other day to when I was young, and was talking to my daughter about the days when we use to as young people go outside and play in the snow only wearing 3 or if you can get them to fit 4 pairs or jeans on and wearing 3 pairs of socks and tennis shoes, and then staying out until we could not bend our fingers any longer, YOU REMEMBER!

Today our kids have snow suits and the best boots money can buy, and they go out to play in the show, only to return in less the 30 minutes saying, I got wet and I am so cold. Now the strip off all of their wet cloths and its back in front of the TV or worst yet the Video Games to relax and drink hot coco.

It is just funny to me how kids are changing, and how some how over the years we have turned all of today’s kids into home bodies.

Deep down I have the answer for this, we don’t live in the same world that we did when we were young. Every time our kids leave the house, we have to worry about some crazy person out there trying to pick them up. Has there always been crazy people, our have they been breaded from some kind of sick shop and now they were let out to cast fear across all of our towns?

There needs to be a new law in place, that would say that every person who abducts any child, will be arrested under the Home Land Security act, because is this not a form of terrorists?

And my last thought to you, is always WATCH your children, because when you get right down to it, and no matter how much they try to make us CRAZY, they will always look at us for support and some form of guidance.


The Steelers Have A New HEAD COACH

I was really sickened after watching the press conference with the new Steelers Head Coach. I was also sickened after watching the two great playoff games to get to the super bowl. Here is why.

Can we not just say it was great to see the two teams getting to the super bowl and we wish them luck? No we had to say that this is the first time that an African American Coach made it to the super bowl. Now I don’t care if the couch  was GREEN and flew here in a space ship, if they are a Couch of an NFL team then congrates and Good Luck to you.

Now we get a new couch for our Loved Steelers and what is the first thing they pick up on, not that the man has never played in the NFL, but that once again he is an African American Coach.

We are lucky to have this man and I am sure he will be an asset to Pittsburgh and the Steelers.

Please remember this is 2007 not 1807, color does not mean a thing, our final goal does and that is to win the Super Bowl once again!


Have You Had The Flu?

Yes there is a new bug going around this year, not your normal flu bug. This is the knock you down and kick you in the head flu bug. I picked it up on Saturday and my body is just now starting to re-adjust to trying to be normal again.

I did call my doctor this morning and I asked for a special pill to make it all stop and they told me just to let it run its course.

My daughter woke up this morning with the same bug, she got out of the shower and puked everywhere. Here is my question to you, what makes women super nurses? They never went to medial school, but women have a way to talking to the sick and bringing us soup in bed. Hats off to all you moms and wifes out there!



As we move into the New Year we often look back at what is behind us and sometimes with great relief we are glad to see the old year go. Did you ever wonder how many memories you can hold in your mind, each year brings with it thousands of memories good and bad. I often wish I had a switch in my mind to turn off the bad ones and let just the good ones shine through each day.

If you should be going out tonight and you plan on having one or two drinks, please even if you don’t care about your self getting home safe, think about this for a minute, there my be a nice new family driving home at the same time as you, and as you make that last turn going to your house and make it a little wide, you SMASH into their car. Now the parents are doing just fine, but as for the two little babies in their back seat, they are now dead, you see you KILLED them and they will never have a chance in life and the parents will never know what their babies will grow up to be. As for you, you are now in jail for 2 counts of vehicular homicide and you will be in that cell for at least the next 20 years?


Happy Holidays from my family to yours!


Growing Older

Why is it that every time you tell someone you are getting older and then you tell them how old you will be soon, they turn and tell you I wish I was ?? again. I don’t really want to be this age once, I don’t think I will ever say I would like to be it again. I would like to be 20 again, just to have what I like to call a Do Over. But would we really change anything that we did when we were young? If you think about it what we did in all of our life makes us who we are today.

Oh how old am I going to be? (43) Thats 43 years of memories that some I hold close and some you want to tuck away in the back of you mind and never let them leak to the surface again.

My mind is still clicking away, I will never be known in the world such as the computer greats as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but in my little circle of technology friends I am looked upon as having more knowledge of what we do and how we do it then both of these guys together.

If you read my blog, remember that life is a lesson and you need to learn something new each day. I am not just talking about a formal class setting, if you are raising children then learn from them, watch them in this new world and new time that we have put together for them and always remember how we got here. I really hope today’s children will remember this rule because this to me is how we will come out in the end as a socializing place to live. With today’s computers and how many hours our children spend in front of them talking to their friends, I really hope that they will be able to have a face to face with each other as well as other people and be able to talk about anything that may come up.

Yes I am going to be 43 in a few days, but as you see I still am watching the world around me. I always say that with age does not just come aches and pains it also brings wisdom as long as you allow it to enter your mind.


Heartwood Acres

On Sat night we thought we would take the kids for a trip to Heartwood Acres. First let me say that this is not a trip for the weak at heart at least with 4 yes I said 4 kids in the back seat of my F-150 Ford, the back seat is really nice for 3 people but 4! How many times can you listen to she’s touching me, or get off my leg? How about how long do we have to sit in this line to look at lights?

I called my sister to get directions and she said it would take about one and a half hours to make it there, she was a little wrong on a lot of accounts. First it only took about 45 minutes to drive to the town of Heartwood, but then there was this line leading up to the lights, which you guessed it we sat in for the next hour and a half!

Was it all worth it in the end? I guess if you have never seen these lights, then yes it is worth the trip. Would I ever go back? I think so but maybe just every 3 years or so to see if anything has changed.

My last observation; If you go and see these lights and you want to take some pictures, turn off your flash. I saw a lot of people taking pictures with there flash on, and what happens is that you are blasting out the very thing you are shooting. You want the black around the lights so that they will show up on your final print. Ah rookies!

See you next time!


Kids In the US

What is happening to our Youth?

I spent some time at a local mall on a Friday night and I wanted to point out somethings that I found with our youth in the US.

The first thing that I found was that our youth in the US are very under educated on how to act in public. I don’t know where this comes from and I really don’t think this is from the very generation that is raising them. I found that kids talk very loud to one another and they use the FU word like it is an everyday noun, and they will use it to fit into any conversion that they are having. I won’t go into each way I heard it used here, but I am sure if you spend some time at a local mall you will hear how it is used.

Second, this one really got me. As I was in a local computer store a Apple Store to be exact which if you are shopping for a Apple computer don’t go on a Friday or Saturday night, because it has become a nice hangout for kids, which if anyone from Apple is reading this tell Steve that this should help to kill his holiday sales. The apple store looked more like a arcade room then a place to sell high end computers and how many adults want to go into an arcade on a weekend? I did talk to one sales person who told me he feels more like a baby sitter then a computers sales person. But the way I heard this young man and I mean young man, maybe all of 12 talking to this other young man about what someone could do with his body parts just told me that our youth has no class to them at all, if this is the word I am looking for. Then I had to stop and think, is this the way he hears his dad talking to his mom?

When I finally met back up with my wife, I told her if today’s youth is really tomorrows leaders then we all should be building bomb shelters. I could see the first time that one of our youths are overseas and talking to a foreign official and says something like, If you don’t stop making those FU bombs, then we have to kick your FU ass, and if you don’t like then then you can just grab my BA, as he is leaving the meeting trying not to let their jeans fall to low below their boxers.

Okay I know this is not all of today’s youth, but the mall I was at was in upscale US and the school there is maybe not number one in the state but does have a very high tax base. And I know if I was living in that area and paying those tax’s I would demand more out of my school. But let’s step back one minute, we never can put this back on just our schools, we HAVE TO RAISE OUR CHILDREN AT HOME FIRST!

Here is your last thought, let’s say that you are watching the above meeting on TV with a group of your friends, how would you feel saying after the meeting, THAT’S MY BOY!