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New Cell Phone Nokia 928

I finally did it I pulled the trigger and bought a new phone. Not just any phone I went way off course and bought a Windows phone. I always said I would never run Windows on my phones but after watching Windows Weekly and following Paul Thurrott I thought I would take the plunge.

I am not convinced or not that this phone is bad or good. I do not like the shape of the phone but I think a case may fix this issue. Also there are some differences in the apps as to other phones.

I will do some follow up posts on this phone over time. I have 12 days to like it or return it. So far it is a joy to use and I would recommend it.



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Final School Cloths Shopping

Well at least for public school. This is the final school cloths shopping for my senior. This is I guess what you would call bitter sweet. If you children are still growing spend a lot of time with them. Now that mine is getting ready to enter her last year in school and has her eyes set on Air Force Nursing she will trade in her old faded jeans for some blue uniforms.

What ever she does in the future I will be proud of her. Just as I am with my son and other girls. I wanted to share this picture I grabbed while looking for cloths in a local store.

Senior Shopping

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Double Rainbow

We lasted through a powerful thunder storm this evening. It has been a very wet summer with the ground being over saturated. Sometimes after a storm you get lucky enough to grab a picture. I was getting ready for dinner and looked out the window and this is what I saw.

Chrome Carts

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Good Old Home Cooking

I don’t feel that many families cook at home anymore. I think it is just to easy for everyone to stop on the way home for work and grab some kind of fast food. But with that we are making American kids fat and obese.

There is a show on TV called Diners, Dives and Drive Inn’s that I really enjoy. When I watch this show I look for meals that will be something different for our family. In a recent episode I watched as a cook made Chicken Pies. These are little pot pies.

So I took some time and roasted a chicken and made the Chicken Pies. They turned out great and my family loved them.

What I am telling everyone reading this blog that sometime and cook for your family.

Here is a picture of the little tasty pot pies.

Pot Pie Pockets

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Getting Ready to Bottle the Cider

Well after two weeks of brewing our new batch of hard apple cider we are ready to bottle. I bought these bottles sometime ago and used them for beer. I thought this would be a perfect time to pull them back out and get them ready for this new brew.

I will be doing a live taste test on my live show on Wednesday night around 8:30 PM EST. I will also have my wife on camera to share in the experience.

To join us in the show use this link:

Hard Cider

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Great Golf Outing

Penn Commercial did it once again! We had a great golf outing playing with the local college. We are invited each year to the outing because we intern Penn Commercial students.

This year Jeff and I played with two ladies. This helped our team having some powerful hitters.

One thing that was really nice is having a GPS in the cart. You pull up to your ball and you see how far it is to the hole.
New TV

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A Day With My Wife and Sister

We like to take this trip at least once a year. This is a trip to the Amish country in Sugar Creek Ohio. On the way this year we decided for the first time to pull off at this Winery that we spotted.

I have to say this was the best start of any trip to the Amish Country. We had a great time taste testing. We then sat down with our favorite for a glass before moving on.

Pictured here are my sister on the Left window side and my wife on the Right.

Amish Country

This is a picture of my glass.

Amish Country

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Reporting From Hoboken NJ.

My wife and the girls visited the bakery today. They could not wait to call me after leaving the bakery and getting into the car. They walked right in NO LINES! Next after getting there I guess the Cake Boss’s mom was coming out to get some air. This is cool in many ways if you are a fan of a show and you get to grab a picture with one of the people on the show.

We went a year ago to Vegas and didn’t have a chance to see and of the Pawn Guys?

Here is the picture that the had taken from someone coming into the store that could not hold the camera steady.

Mary Girl Cake Boss Trip

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The Wife and Girls Leave For Trip

Today there is no pictures for the first time in a long time. And for the first time in quit awhile I waved good bye to my wife and the girls. I normally go on vacation with all of them but this time I stayed back to work.

Really where they are heading I really didn’t care to visit. They are going to visit The Cake Boss or at least the bakery. They will be driving about 7 hours to buy some cupcakes and lobster tails.

But as with my trip to Walton’s Mountain, this trip is on my wife’s bucket list. And let me be the first to tell you the readers, if you have a place in mind go NOW! Don’t wait until you are to old and make that statement my dad always made. He would say son I really wished I would have done this or that. Now with his passing last November I never say NO.

Sorry about no pictures today but at least we have some daily thoughts.

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Getting Ready To Brew

On our recent trip we ran into a great new taste to us called Hard Apple Cider. This is really just normal everyday Apple Cider with sugar added then yeast. You leave it brew in your brewing buckets just as you would beer to create the alcohol content. On the way home from our trip I stopped and bought all the ingredients I needed.

Once home I pulled out the brewing gear and sterilized it in preparation for the brew.

My new Hard Apple Cider is now brewing away in my basement. After about 3 weeks I will let you know how it turns out. I may even do a video on the taste testing.

Hard Cider