New Book Coming Soon

I have been writing and writing and yes writing my new book. Writing a book is a much large task then most people could even wrap their head around.

My first book Computers For The Everyday Person did well not enough to make me a stay at home writer and I really don’t think I would want to do that. I truly enjoy doing what I do for a living.

I just think writing is a way to share your knowledge out to the World and to allow others to learn through your written words on the page. And I am sure the books I am producing will live on for many years after I am gone. Just look at Half Price Books and see how many past authors are still there.

Time to stop writing here and get to writing my thought into the book.



Remodeling Getting Ready For New Carpet

Someone once told me that you should never blog about your own life? I enjoy showing that we are normal everyday people. I took a few days and worked at getting the stair case ready for new carpet to be laid.

I don’t mind doing home improvement projects I just wish I was a little more handy? I am a computer guy by trade and I can build them, program them and even once made a computer sing! But put me in front of a saw and I can be very lost. I did get it done and I have a few spots to maybe redo; but over all it came out fine.

Stair Way


The First IMac

I am not sure now that Steve Jobs invented the first IMac? In cleaning out some old technology at the school we came across this little old learning aid.

Although it is not a real computer I think this is where old Steve got the design from? And I thought it was designed by a group at Apple? It is fun to come across old technology! What can you find around your office?

The First IMac


Visit to The Moundsville Prison

Life behind bars! Those three words are very scary. We took a trip to a local prison today. We have been in many prisons on tours before but this one was different. It’s difference is that is recently closed in 1995. YOu can still feel the pain and sorrow once you cross the main gate and enter the cell blocks.

I have watch a few You Tube videos on prisons after our visit and I was surprised to find some stories and felt it could happen to anyone. Once such story was of a real-estate agent who left the bar one night and had a little to much to drink. On his way home he hit someone and killed them. Now he is serving time inside. Think how many times you left a bar or party thinking I can make it home. Stop next time and just spend the night where you are. You do not want to go inside!



Visit Local Wineries

Today we took a ride to visit a local winery store that was recently put into a local shopping plaza. At first I thought from where this store is located that the prices would be out of our range. We were pleased to learn that the prices were on track with many other wineries that we have visited from Virginia to Pa.

This is a quick pic I grabbed while in the store.

Winery Robunson


New Cell Phone Nokia 928

I finally did it I pulled the trigger and bought a new phone. Not just any phone I went way off course and bought a Windows phone. I always said I would never run Windows on my phones but after watching Windows Weekly and following Paul Thurrott I thought I would take the plunge.

I am not convinced or not that this phone is bad or good. I do not like the shape of the phone but I think a case may fix this issue. Also there are some differences in the apps as to other phones.

I will do some follow up posts on this phone over time. I have 12 days to like it or return it. So far it is a joy to use and I would recommend it.




Final School Cloths Shopping

Well at least for public school. This is the final school cloths shopping for my senior. This is I guess what you would call bitter sweet. If you children are still growing spend a lot of time with them. Now that mine is getting ready to enter her last year in school and has her eyes set on Air Force Nursing she will trade in her old faded jeans for some blue uniforms.

What ever she does in the future I will be proud of her. Just as I am with my son and other girls. I wanted to share this picture I grabbed while looking for cloths in a local store.

Senior Shopping


Good Old Home Cooking

I don’t feel that many families cook at home anymore. I think it is just to easy for everyone to stop on the way home for work and grab some kind of fast food. But with that we are making American kids fat and obese.

There is a show on TV called Diners, Dives and Drive Inn’s that I really enjoy. When I watch this show I look for meals that will be something different for our family. In a recent episode I watched as a cook made Chicken Pies. These are little pot pies.

So I took some time and roasted a chicken and made the Chicken Pies. They turned out great and my family loved them.

What I am telling everyone reading this blog that sometime and cook for your family.

Here is a picture of the little tasty pot pies.

Pot Pie Pockets


Getting Ready to Bottle the Cider

Well after two weeks of brewing our new batch of hard apple cider we are ready to bottle. I bought these bottles sometime ago and used them for beer. I thought this would be a perfect time to pull them back out and get them ready for this new brew.

I will be doing a live taste test on my live show on Wednesday night around 8:30 PM EST. I will also have my wife on camera to share in the experience.

To join us in the show use this link:

Hard Cider