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A Night At The Fireworks

Tonight I went to a local festival with my wife and daughter. We go to the same location each year to celebrate the Forth Of July.

We did however get a little smarted this year. We didn’t park in the closed in baseball field; we instead parked down the road in a businesses parking lot. This saved us hours after the display was over, we made it home in record time.

This is a picture of me that my wife grabbed as I enjoyed the fireworks. If you never tried to watch fireworks with sunglasses on I would recommend it.

4 July 2013

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Forth Of July 2013

Well the Forth of July was a day to stay at home and have a cookout. My daughter invited her boy fried to the house to have a cookout with us. I first had to make sure he liked hot sausage. As you can see by the picture we had a fest!

We shall wait for the fireworks until tomorrow.

Here is the picture of our feat as it is cooking on the grill.

4 July 2013

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A Day With My Daughter

Today I spent the evening with my daughter. My wife was going out with her daughter to a concert; so I thought I would take my daughter to a movie and dinner.

We first went to see Monster University. I know this is geared more to kids, but we are all kids at heart. This is a real gem of a movie a real Pixar treat.

After the movie we went out to eat at Quaker Steak and Lube. It was wing night but we both know we could not eat enough wings to make that worth while. We both ordered regular orders, and both had the Louisiana Lickers. I thought they were a little spicy; but my daughter loves hot things so she thought they were great.

I did have to have a beer with dinner. I thought it was a sign of the times when my daughter said drink dad I can drive home. Funny how as we get older we have some benefits that we never thought we would have.

It just would not be a post by me without a picture. This is a pic of my beer.


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A Visit With Mom

I can remember a time growing up when each weekend I would jump in the car with my dad and head to his mothers. We would make that drive each weekend as I see now to return to my dad’s roots. I have very fond memories about that part of my life. There was a little caboose that was transformed into the little hamburger joint. They had the best .25 burgers. Yes I said .25. They were more like sliders but my dad would buy me 4-5 at a time.

Well today I took my daughter and we went to visit my mom. I wish my mother would live closer then she does. We do however make the trip to see her. She is about an hour from my house.

On the way this weekend I told my daughter that we were going to pick her up some flowers. This is a pictures of the flowers we picked up for mom.


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Visiting Our History

I always say to know where we are going we need to know where we come from. Today we spent the day visiting my wife’s history. We took the day with her bother and sister in-law to where her dad grew up.

It is really fun to go back to a house where someone grew up and feel that little boys face looking out the window. I made the comment wouldn’t it be cool to go to his old bedroom to find something he wrote on the wall? Maybe something like this “Thanks for visiting my home my children I never met?”.

Here a couple of pictures I shot.



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Cutting Trees

There are just times when a man has to do what a man has to do. I wanted to hire someone to come out and remove a couple trees for me until I was told of the price. When a family is on a limited budget and you try to watch every dollar you need to sometime do things for your self.

I pulled out the ladder and the chain saw. Up the ladder I went and began to chop away at each branch. As each one fell I felt I was getting closer to that golden time of being finished.

Then we watched as the clouds began to move into the area and the lighting bolts started to fly. Being on a ladder was no longer an option. So I removed it until another day.

Here is a couple pictures of the tree coming down.

Front Trees

Front Trees

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Making A Home Cooked Meal

There are so many people I talk to or even watch that no longer cook at home. I don’t know how people on a limited budget eat out all of the time?

We enjoy cooking at home because you know what is in your food. We don’t really like cleaning up and I am sure many of you do not enjoy it either.

Today I found a recipe for sweet and sour chicken. As I was cooking it, I was complaining because it really was a ton of steps and you are mixing as you are trying to watch the chicken. In the end it was amazing! My wife finished the chicken as an evening snack.

Here is a picture of the dish cooking.

Home Cooking

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Ducky Tour Of Pittsburgh

Today I spent the day with my wife. When we woke up we started to wonder what we wanted to do? We knew we had to get out of the house and find somewhere to go.

My wife thought that a ducky tour would be fun and very different.

After arriving at the ducky tour ticket center we picked up two tickets for the 1:30 tour. The tour will take you through the streets of Pittsburgh with the guides telling you more then you ever knew about the city. Then you head to the water, yes I mean the river. As we rode down the ramp we plunged into the river for a nice little boat ride.

This is a picture of the type of craft that we were in.


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Internet Connection Speeds

I think in my travels I am going to start tracking Internet connection speeds. By connecting to a stores wifi and using a speed test app on my IPhone and testing. Now just to remember when I am out. This is the screen grab from a local mall in our area.


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You Always Learn About People

Do you ever enjoy wasting you time? I mean wasting it at the hands of another person for no reason what ever?

Today I found out just how much of a coward people can be. You take time out of your busy life to meet with someone about an important aspest of your life. In this meeting everything looks great and you are ensured many times over that you will be receiving a call. When in fact I really think that there was never any intention of calling at anytime.

What is even worse is that you have to find out from someone else that the call will never be coming. Here is a life lesson people. If you are going to meet with anyone about their services ie’ roofer, cement worker or your pool guy and you don’t require their services because you find someone cheaper at least call them back and let them know.

I passed up other side work waiting for a call be recently and let me say is it not fun. So in the future always make sure you call, drop an email or even send a letter and let the other person know you no long are requiring their services.