The Meaning of Christmas


I think with all of the retail chains in the World pushing the Christmas Season to the early part of October we are beginning to lose the true meaning of Christmas. I often sit and wonder how many children only think of Christmas as a day they receive gifts? We as a nation have somehow pushed the true meaning of Christmas out of our houses and away from our young people’s way of thinking about this Holiday.

When I was younger I remember that we would spend sometime at our church giving thanks for Christ. We gave thanks for the new beginning and for a special person who was born onto this earth to help save us from our own sins. Now don’t get me confused with some kind of guy who pushes religion onto people. I just think it is important to keep passing down the message and the real reason the we celebrate Christmas.

Even the act of giving is a sign of someone giving to us a better way of life. We see many of our local churches closing their doors because the attendance is so low. And I know we don’t have to go to church to pray if this were the case we would all be packing the churches every night before bed time.

So this Holiday time over Christmas sit down with a book with pictures and talk to your young children about the true meaning of Christmas and maybe just maybe they will pass it along to your grandchildren?

Merry Christmas to all and to all and Good Night!