Short Winter Ride

Winter Ride

Sometimes even in December you have to uncover the bike and take her out for a little spin. I took a ride on December 27, 2018. The outside temperature was 40F. I got home from work and put on my freeze out gear, jumped on the bike and headed down the road. My total trip was only 15 miles but when you have not been out for awhile it feels so good to get those wheels spinning.


Web Site Security

Web Security

Web Site Security is something anyone with a website need to be aware of. Trying to harden your site is not an easy task as I have been learning throughout this long morning of working on my own site.

First when you find a hosting company look over their end user agreements and see what they offer on their back end to keep your site safe and secure.

My first word of advice to you is as your site grows and becomes more popular keep finding new ways of locking it down. Most hackers will not dig to deep into your site if there are not many people visiting it. It pays to look for numbers when you are looking to infect machines on the Internet.

My best word of advice is to do a Google search and find people on the Internet that will teach you steps to help you make a safer and more secure site.