Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Book Reviews

I wanted to give you some feedback on books that I have read. Reading is a past time of mine that I truly enjoy. I feel that you will get more out of a book then you can ever get just by watching movies or TV. The real trick to reading a book is to allow yourself to become one of the characters in the story.

Perfect Lie

What can you say about Adam Croft? This book is another great story from the mind of a great storyteller. Adam has a way to pull you into the story fast and then keep you turning pages. Even when you think you know who did it and why they did it he will give us another twist. The Perfect Lie turned out to be a perfect read. It will keep you guessing and looking and it will even make you wonder if maybe they have the right person for the crime? Must read buy it now. (Completed: November 10, 2018)

Author: Adam Croft

Wounded Pry

This was a great read. I am glad that I started another series which I try not to do because I am reading so many already. Sean has a great ability to write scenes. I always enjoy when I am reading when I can close my eyes for a moment and feel that I am looking around a room or place that the author is taking you to. And this book holds no punches. It is gripping and very scary at times. But it is also a book you won’t want to put down. (Completed: Sept 20, 2018)

Author: Sean Lynch



Battle Within

The second book of RedRise house will not disappoint you. Caroline picks up right where she left off with book one. She also includes some great backstory within this book in case you need to catch back up to the storyline. What would you do if you think your friend is possessed? First, you have to get lucky and find a demonologist then you have to make them believe that you truly need help. This is an action-packed story and I can’t wait to read the next one. (Completed: July 27, 2018)

Author: Caroline Clark


Red Rise House

I have to say I do my best to not pick up any more authors than I am reading now. It is really hard to keep up with all of the series I read. With that said I am very happy, I found Caroline Clark. This first book of this series will not let you put it down. I found myself wanting to pick up my Kindle and read every minute I had. I would even read on my phone just to get more of this story in my hands. This is one of the most gripping horror stories I ever read in print. And the pace is wonderful and well as the scenes. I just finished this first book and already bought the next two. Can’t wait to see what happens next in this scary and frightening gripping horror story. (Completed: June 16, 2018)

Author: Caroline Clark

Dead and Buried

Another great crime solved by two super police detectives. When you read any of the Knight & Culverhouse series of books you will find that you won’t be able to put them down. And in book 8 you will find the same results. Adam has a way of ending each chapter at the correct moment that makes you want to turn the page and start the next chapter. This story does deal with one of today’s most current topics. It is a great read. But if you are just beginning to read this series go back and pick up book 1. Stories are always better from the beginning. (Completed: June 10, 2018)

Author: Adam Croft

Dawn Girls

I really try very hard not to find new authors. I read so many series now that it is hard to fit any more in my lineup. With that said, I am happy I found Leslie Wolfe. If the rest of her series is as well written and use well-written scenes where you feel you are inside of the book everyone will be a hit. This story of a young FBI agent who is one tough female. I enjoyed how she can walk into a room and demand all of the attention. Then you team this agent up with some local detectives and give them some dead bodies and you have a great crime-fighting novel. If you read crime, you will enjoy this book from the first page to the last. (Completed: June 1, 2018)

Author: Leslie Wolfe



This is another great book in this series. I have to say I am one person that can’t wait to see the newest Ali Reynolds book being released. It is refreshing to see that this story has a direct connection to the company. I also really enjoyed the way this book was tied into the last one which makes a great series. Remember if you are beginning this series here, STOP! Go back to the first book and begin there. (Completed: May 9, 2018)

Author: JA Jance



This was a good read but not from the beginning. With the title, I was hoping for more about a Cyber Attack. This is more of a mystery without any killers. The writer does do a good job of describing what life might be like when we have no Internet, food or water. It also started me thinking about maybe storing some water and food just in case. The downside for me was too many unnecessary words to tell this story. I really enjoyed the last four chapters of the book. (Completed: March 4, 2018)

Author: Matthew Mather




This book brings an exciting end to this great series. If you ever wondered what it would be like to be in one of your online games and then come back a changed person? Well, this series is for you. I really enjoyed how James wraps these up. I think it is hard for any writer to end a powerful series but you won’t be let down with these books. I just hope James has another series he is working on right now. (Completed: Jan 21, 2018)

Author: James Dashner


Rule Of Thoughts

This was a good read. It was a great continued story from the last book. If you enjoyed the Maze Runner Series you will not be let down with this group of books. Again you will follow the amazing three young adults who at the point feel like they are close to seventeen. The story takes you beyond the gaming world and places you into the net. Think of this series as being in the Matrix. Learn what it might be like for the Net to take over all of human life as we know it. (Completed: Jan 18, 2018)

Author: James Dashner


Data Jack

What can I say? Another great read in the Jack Stratton series. It is great how from one book to the next it feels like you are more of a part of these couple than just reading about them. Sometimes even getting a job networking can lead you to a case to solve. You may also learn in this book that sometimes even a family pet can turn into a crime-fighting partner. Then when you turn that last page and read that last line and you can’t wait for the next book, you know you have a writer that will keep bringing you back to this amazing story. (Completed December 4, 2017)

Author: Christopher Greyson



This is a nice Kindle Single to pick up for a rainy night read. Sit in front of your fireplace and have the warmth and the words flow over you. This story will show you that our minds are always playing tricks on us. But this story takes us deeper into a troubled mind. There are a few twists in this story that keep you turning the pages. This is a nice Kindle Single to pick up for a rainy night read. Sit in front of your fireplace and lat the warmth and the words flow over you. This story will show you that our minds are always playing tricks on us. But this story takes us deeper into a troubled mind. There are a few twists in this story that keep you turning the pages. (Completed November 9, 2017)

Author: Adam Croft


Love you to death

When you are young you think you would do anything for the person you are with. But would you agree to murder? Adam takes you into the minds of to younger people who set out upon a plan to murder for what else money. This story takes a very unsuspecting twist in the end. Great read from a master storyteller. (Completed November 7, 2017)

Author: Adam Croft


A Cry For Help

Adam Croft has a way of writing short stories like no other. Sometimes you just want to read a short story that gets the point across without any filler as I call it. Adam quickly sets the scenes in this book. You know right away that this young girl needs help and who better give it then a detective? It does have a nice twist in the end that will keep you guessing. (Completed November 7, 2017)

Author: Adam Croft



What happens when you take a prizefighter and set a mission for them? Meet Adam Sandoval and Scooter. This great American gave up everything and set out on a mission to raise money for military and their families. When I bought this book I thought I was going to read about Adam and his adventures. You will but it is much deeper than that, you will learn about the struggles of life and I could not help but let this book reflect on my own life. It is a powerful and uplifting read. I could not put it down as each chapter gave me new hope that there are good people out there all over this great land. Not all of us could give up everything and hit the open road. We all will agree that this would be wonderful to do this but normally we would only do it for awhile. Adam is doing a great duty for this country. If you ever see him riding down the road, wave, honk your horn or better yet if you get a chance shake his hand and say THANK YOU! But more than that, pick up this book even if you don’t ride a motorcycle I am sure you will get something out of it to reflect on your day to day life. (Completed: November 6, 2017)

Author: Adam Sandoval



First, let me start by saying this is not one of my normal genres to read. I found this book on my weekly Book Blup new feed and thought I would give it a chance. All I can say now is I am hooked on John Ellsworth and his Michael Gresham series. This book opens quickly getting you in touch with the characters and the setting. I watch a lot of courtroom programs but never thought I would like reading them. With the style of writing from Mr. Ellsworth and his in-depth knowledge of the courtroom and law it really pulls you into the story. I can’t wait to start the next book in this series and I am sure you will feel the same way. Start reading this today! (Completed: November 5, 2017)

Author: John Ellsworth


The Sister

Let me begin by saying that the base story was good. I was also excited to see what each character was doing from chapter to chapter. And going for Then to Now was an interesting way to bring the reader into the story. I found out at the end of this book that it was the authors first novel. With that said I would say that is why it read really long. I often find writers that add too much of what I call filler or fluff to the story. It is okay to set a scene but we don’t need too much detail. I found myself at times dragging to turn the page because some details were just too involved. In the end, I did finish reading the story and found it to be an interesting look into the life of these well-designed characters. (Completed October 26, 2017)

Author: Louise Jensen

Folcroft Ghosts

This book is a page-turner. You know what I mean you just can’t put it down. What would happen if your kids had to go live with the grandparents? In a normal world this at most times would be fine. But this book and the author puts a great twist on this. The pace of this book is perfect and even when I put the book down I could not wait to get back to the story. It does also prove how brave kids can be when they have to0. I will be reading more books from this great author. (Completed: Sept. 15, 2017)

Author: Darcy Coates

The Harder They Fall

Leave it to Adam Croft to bring us a short story with so many twists. This is a story that all men should read so they know what to watch out for in life and relationships. It is also a book all women should read to know what not to do in a relationship. I really enjoyed the ending of this book. It is so twisted that you won’t see it coming until the very last word on the last page. With his mind and his work on a keyboard, I am sure we will be reading Adam Croft for years to come. (Completed: Aug. 10, 2017)

Author: Adam Croft

Man Over Board



Another good story from Ja Jance featuring Ali Reynolds. It is funny when you read so many books covering the same characters you begin to feel like they are somehow real people. It was sad to find out in this book that one of the main characters has departed ways. I would like to see these stories have a different type of ending. I don’t want to give the story away but you will know what I mean when you get to the end. But it does wrap up nicely with a twist that I hope to see come back in the next adventures of Ali and High Noon? And you have to wonder will Stu ever get married? Even geeks need to find love at some point in their lives? (Completed: Aug. 10, 2017)

Author: JA Jance


When I picked this book I knew I was looking for horror. I was not disappointed! I have read a lot of books covering possessions and this one is right up there with the exorcist. When this loving husband and wife team set out to help with demons they put themselves in harms way. From the very first chapter this book will not let you down if you like being scared. I would suggest leaving a light or two on in the house for your comfort level. (Completed: June 24, 2017)

Author: Thomas Sniegosk


No Angel

I do not normally read non-fiction but I do like a good motorcycle read. The book is well written but at time very leading, but the truth will do that on it’s own. I am glad we have people in this world that can be undercover there is no way I could do that job. I must salute the men and women that pushes their families aside to better protect and serve the country. I also liked at the end of the book you find out what each person in the book is doing now. (Completed: April 8, 2017)

Author: Jay Dobyns

Jack Giant Killer

Another great read in a great series. Jack is at it again and he and Replacement is getting a little closer. This story will bring you to a love with animals if you don’t already. I enjoyed the twists and turns in this mystery. If you are first picking up this series don’t start here start with book one. (Completed: March 18, 2017)

Author: Christopher Greyson

Claw Back

Another great read by JA Jance. This story we find Ali Reynolds caught up in another murder mystery with a twist this time. Her, B and their team of Cyber detectives are set out to help Ali’s father who gets arrested while trying to be a help to some old friends. This story will take you on twists and turns from each page to the next. At times it feels the book is a little long winded but if you are a fan of JA Jance you won’t mind reading the words that she places onto each page. If you have never read Ali Reynolds, don’t start here look for the very first book and start at the beginning. (Completed: February 5, 2017)

Author: JA Jance

Wild Life

If you are into horror then you need to read this amazing story. There has not been many novels that I pick up and truly can not put down, this was one of those stories. The author takes you directly into the lives of some amazing and often crazy insane characters. This story even shows you that if we gather together as humans we can overcome the worse in our lives. I could not wait to turn each page and begin each new chapter. This is a must read for horror fans! (Completed: January 23, 2017)

Author: Jeff Menapace


Jacks Are Wild

This was another wonderful story by Mr. Greyson. This series never fails to deliver. With each page you turn the author takes you deeper and deeper into the characters that he is presenting us with. Even with each new character you will know so much about them in only a few chapters. This story has so many twists and turns that you will be drawn into the book. If you are thinking about starting this series here, STOP! Start by reading the first book and work your way through you won’t be disappointed.  (Completed: January 21, 2017)

Author: Christopher Greyson


This is a wonderful story with a lot of illustrations. If you have three hours and want a good read of a boy trying to find his way and a man who tries to stop him this is the book. I read this book for a project for our school which is called One Book. This is also a great book to read with your kids, they will enjoy all the pictures and how they help to tell the story. (Completed: January 1, 2017)

Author: Brian Selznick

Exit Stage Left

This is another good story from Adam Croft. You would have never guessed from the beginning where two men meet in a bar that they would become a team of private detectives. As the story unfolds you will find twists and turns as Adam loves to take us on in his writings. The only issue is it reads just like a Sherlock Holmes novel. Maybe this is what Adam was going after and if so he nailed it. But after reading many of Adams books now I know he has a style of his own that we all love to pick up and read. But I would say try it out and see what you think. It maybe your cup of tea? (Completed: December 23, 2016)

Author: Adam Croft

In The Name Of The Father

This is another great read by Adam Croft. As the other books in this series you will not want to put it down. The detectives come to life once again in this gripping novel. You will also enjoy all the back stories and how Adam so skillfully ties them into his current story line. I truly enjoy the writing because Adam has a way of pulling you into each scene, you will feel like you are there trying to solve this big case with the detectives. But as I have said in the past. If you are looking at this book as a read and you didn’t read all of the series from the beginning, go back and look for the first book you will not be disappointed. (Completed: December 17, 2016)

Author: Adam Croft

The Eye Of Minds

I often wonder why I allow authors to pull me into a series? But then you read one of James Dashner’s books and you are hooked. I never thought I would be one to read anything in the YA genera but these books also have an adult feel to them. When I found this on a book shelf I knew after reading The Maze Runner and promoting it at my schools library I know I had to read this series. If you read The Maze Runner first you will feel a lot of that story line in this new series but don’t let that stop you from reading these books. I am amazed at how James can create things that are not even in our lives yet. He has a way of opening the future to our minds. I have to admit many of the things that happen in this book never happen. I know from the first book I am hooked and I am sure you will be also.( Completed: December 10, 2016)

Author: James Dashner

No Rest for the Wicked


If you are up for a short story then sign up for Adam Crofts fan club and he will make sure you get a copy of No Rest for the Wicked. Adam takes you into the world of a police detective and teaches us about life, living and the pain of being a police officer. It is somewhat twisted but in a good read. What I enjoyed the most is this is a quick read. Read this to get you ready for longer work by Adam Croft.(Completed: November 20, 2016)

Author: Adam Croft

End Of Watch

What can you say? It’s Stephen King at the keyboard once again. If you started reading the trilogy Mr. Mercedes then you have to read Finders Keepers and finally End Of Watch. Mr. King takes you into the unknown with this last book. When I started reading the trilogy I thought Stephen King as a crime writer? Well this final book brings you back into the writers mind that we know and love. It is creepy, scary and a whole lot twisted. To track down a killer you have to get into the mind of the killer and that is just what our crime fighters do in this final book. If you are a King fan as I am this is a must read trilogy I am sure it won’t let you down. (Completed: November 20, 2016)

Author: Stephen King

In Too Deep

I have to say while many series of books loose pace over time, this series picks up the pace. With each new book I feel myself waiting for the next one to be released. Adam Croft has a way of pulling you into each story he is putting on the page. I also enjoy the back stories into each of the characters. To many times we read pages of people at work solving the next big case and left wondering if these people have a life outside of work? In Too Deep will take you into the world of greed. It shows that no matter who you are you might be capable of murder? If this is the first book you are reading in this series STOP! Go back and find book one and read them in order to really know who the people are in the books. (Completed: October 1, 2016)

Author: Adam Croft

Jack Kniffed

This is another great mystery from Christopher Grayson. I really enjoy the settings that he put his characters into. And how he makes you feel that you a part of every scene. I do hope somewhere down the line that the Jack and Alice somehow get together or will they just remain best friends? This story will grip you and make you wonder with each page turn. Great story and a must read. But read these in order so you don’t miss any action. (Completed: Sept. 10, 2016)

Author: Christopher Grayson

Girl Jacked

This read was a little slow to get started but then picked up the pace. I found the characters to be very well set to the story. I enjoyed how they played off of each other and they used each other to solve the case. I will be reading the next in this series soon.  (Completed: Aug 13, 2016)

Author: Christopher Grayson


Journal Of Sin

I think I could start this review by saying this is a long read. No the book does not have a lot of pages, it just has too much fluff. There are some chapters that you will read and wonder why the words were ever put onto paper. And the author needs to work more on chapters and pace. Now for the positive parts. The story had characters that you will be able to relate to. And the scene writing is good, you could feel the surroundings. If you pick this up I would like to see your review. (Completed: May 18, 2016)

Author: Darryl Donaghue


The Fires

This is another great story taking you into the country with a old sheriff and his partner. I really enjoy how the author can take us into the mind of the sheriff’s dog. It is funny how much stuff can happen in one small town. But it’s fiction and it should be fun and a little over the top. This is a page turner. I just hope that Warren continues with these characters.
(Completed: April 27, 2016)

Author: Warren Williams

Her Last Tomorrow

What would happen if one of your children was taken away from you? Would you kill your spouse to get the child back? How Adam keeps coming up with these stories is beyond my thought process. This story is set at a nice pace you will never feel like you are waiting for something to happen, it just does. I enjoy reading page turners that you don’t want to put down, you know when your eyes are seeing double and you keep reading? This is one of those stories. Great plot, great characters and really good scene writing. Yes it has it all. (Completed: March 31, 2016)

Author: Adam Croft

Fraidy Hole

As one person who reviewed this book stated, it is a little long winded. But I think the author had to do this to set the tone for who the characters were in the book. There is one chapter that will leave you wondering why it was written so long, maybe two. But overall this is a great story. If you have the time you will find that you will not put the book down. Getting towards the end I thought I had it figured out, but then a last twist and you won’t believe your reading eyes. This stands a chance of being a movie one day, who knows? (Completed: March 30, 2016)

Author: Warren William


Rough Justice

This was another great who did it from Adam. It’s great to see how he can build his characters into living and breathing people. You want to keep following them into and out of danger. I hope that he keeps this team going for years to come. The plots are in touch with the books that came before this one. And if you didn’t read them all you can start here, he writes great back stories to give you an overview of the past books. But I would recommend reading
them in order you won’t be let down. (Completed: March 22, 2016)

Author: Adam Croft


Another great mystery from Adam Croft. You will really enjoy how a group of detectives can pull together and figure out just what the killer is doing. As you work your way through the book you will learn how a murder can be done right under the eyes of the police. This is a page story as the characters become a bigger part of your daily lives. (Completed: March 14, 2016)

Author: Adam Croft

Guilty As Sin

I can first say this is another great who did it the mystery. As you walk in the shoes of the detectives you will be lead to think it is a lot of people. It is funny to me when you read books. You will always find more than one person that had a reason to kill someone. This story will take you into and out of turns and twists. Good enjoyable read to the very last page. If you are not reading this series I have to ask, Why not? (Completed: March 5, 2016)

Author: Adam Croft


To Close

This was a great who done it book. When you are reading this story the author pulls you into the direction of one person. This reads like an episode of CSI. The lead suspect is found very quickly and you know it can’t be them. And in the end you will find out who did these crimes. Really you should pickup on who really did it four chapters before the end of the book. It is a short read and if you like mysteries then this might be the series for you. (Completed: February 29, 2016)

Author: Adam Croft

Our Souls At Night

I think to give a review they can’t always be completely positive. Let me start by saying. I almost stopped reading this book three different times. But I am one of those people who once I start reading a story I want to see it through. First for the negative. The story at times feels really rushed. And at many times it felt that the author was lost in thought. You will be reading about something new in the lives of the characters and then the author will take you back and try to finish a thought or process from a few chapters before. Now for the positive. I kept reading this story because it is a gripping story. It could be anyone of us as we get older. And I think it will hit your heart if you have older parents who are alone? It will show you that people need people. Sometimes just to talk about the old days. (Completed: February 27, 2016)

Author: Kent Haruf

Code Breakers

If you have ever thought you wanted to know what life could be like in the future this book will put you there. I often wonder what it would be like to have internal computing power. I know today we all carry smart phones or have computers or tablets. But what if we all had the power to have this technology internal. Would we be hacked? Would we live forever? Read this book to dig deeper into those questions. Great writing and a great read.
If you are into AI then begin reading this series. (Completed: February 24, 2016)

Author: Colin Barnes

No Honor

It is amazing to me how JA Jance how she can get Ali out of bed then on a helicopter and send her out in the field to help solve another case. With a few words as possible you will find a deep fast paced story in this novella. I only gave it four stars for one reason. When you read the scene with the iPad you might notice as I did. There are no USB ports on an iPad? But thats the techie coming out in me. I guess I read to much into the details of a story. If you are reading the Ali Reynolds series then don’t miss this one. (Completed: February 13, 2016)

Author: JA Jance

Never Look Away

I am going to start by saying if I had to think of two words to describe this book is would be Uncommon Mystery. It starts off simple enough but then take you into some twists and turns that you will not see coming. It might make you look at your own spouse in a different light? There was great thought and timing put into this story. I feel the author put a lot of himself into the story from a point of writing what you know. You will not want to put this down once you pick it up. And it will leave you guessing until the very end. (Completed: February 12,2016)

Author:Linwood Barclay

The Last Firewall

This is another great book in this series. With every page I felt lost in a world that does not YET exist. But the author will make you begin to look at people and wonder are they human or AI? He also puts the thought into your head that the computers we use everyday might just be learning from us? Great book and a good read.  (Completed: January 30, 2016)

Author: William Hertling


The Other Side

This is a short book that will keep you turning the pages. It is a fast paced story of a girl always thinking that someone close to her killed her mother. She has been working this case for years as she has been working others. It’s great to see how one case can lead her to the truth about one that is near and dear to her heart.
Great story and a nice evening read. (Completed: January 16, 2016)

Author: Chevy Stevens

Gilr On Train

I don’t normally read much off of any best selling lists. I think most times it is a lot of hype to get a book sold. But I took a chance with this one and I could not put it down. Each chapter is brilliantly written and will pull you into the next chapter. Just when I thought I knew who did the deed I was shifted to another suspect. I have been on a few trains in my life and when you read this book you will feel that you are sitting right next to the person. I have to give this one FIVE STARS! I will be looking for more to come from this great author. (Completed: January 16, 2016)

Author: Paula Hawkins


Bridges Of Maison County

My wife bought this book for me some years ago. This is a book that she read and said it will give me some insight into what women look for. I told her I seen the movie and I don’t normally read a book after seeing a movie. Once I opened the book today I could not put it down until the final page was read. Some might say this book is about a cheating spouse. Some might say it is about a fling one hot summer. But it really is about finding that one person who you will never till your dying day lose touch with. You see this in a lot of older couples. It is also about opening your heart. And in the end it is about maintaining family and sometimes losing the one person that you shared that love with. I enjoyed this book a hundred times more then the movie would allow or offer.
So even if you have seen the movie pick up the book and read this story. (Completed: January 11, 2016)

Author: Robert James Waller

No One Gets Out Alive

Some of this book was a little hard to read with some of the pronouncing of the words. This is only due to it being written in the UK. It is, however, a really good story of a person that many of us might know of. When you have friends that are scared and need a place to stay, you might want to listen to their issues. This is also a book of how a few men can bring terror on women in need. This book ran a little long, but I think the author was allowing the story to unfold on it’s own. I enjoyed the ending more then I thought I would because it shows how sometimes our evils can travel with us? If you get a chance and are looking for a good ghost story this is one you might want to pick up. (Completed: January 11, 2016)

Author: Adam Nevill


That Night

What can you say about another great read from Chevy Stevens? This book will keep you turning pages but more important then that it takes you into a world where you will find that all the evidence stacked against someone may not make them really a bad person. I would tell my wife after reading some of the chapters that this was the first book I ever read that left me feeling really sad for a fictional character. I went to bed many of nights worrying about a poor girl and her boy friend who were not even real. Yes this is a book you should read if you like who done it books. (Completed: November 3, 2015)

Author: Chevy Stevens


Finders Keepers

Another great book from another great series. What can you say it’s Stephen King! It always amazes me how he can make reference to other books. It makes you want to build you reading list even more. Make sure you read these books in order so that you don’t miss out on any auction. (Completed: October 20, 2015)

Author: Stephen King

Bridges Burned

This was another great read from a great local author. I did however find quite a few typos but that happens and didn’t take away from the story. This book has a lot of twists and turns and you won’t know who did it until the last second. When Zoe first steps into a scene you can sense something bad is going to happen to her. By the end of this book you will wondering in her and Pete will be married in the next book?
Pick this one up and read the entire series. (Completed: September 28, 2015)

Author: Annette Dashofy

Guilty Mind

I know there were some people talking about the writing and grammer in this book. I didn’t find that to be the case. This was a good read. It keeps you into the story and makes you want to turn the page. The book will take you into minds of many people and maybe teach you how to fight your internal demands. I hope by the end of this book you will learn how to love someone you might not even know? I know this is an older book and I can’t wait to read the next one that came out in 2013. (Completed: September 9, 2015)

Author: Kellie Larsen Murphy


Sharp Objects

 I felt about half way through I knew who did it? There are a lot of twists and turns in the book and they will come at a time when you think you have it all wrapped up. The book is a page turner and you are guided through some scenes with great skills. At times you feel that you are in the rooms with the characters. Over all it is a good read and worth picking up. (Completed: August 26, 2015)

Author: Gillian Flynn


This is one of those books that you have to think outside of the box. Wonder if computers ran the world? And could a computer really have feelings at all? I always say every computer has its own personality. This book goes much deeper then that. I really like the characters in the book. Each one has their own job and they all work well together. There are a few more books in this series and I am sure I will read them to find out what this crazy
crew gets into next. (Completed: August 3, 2015)

Author: William Hertling



This is a wonderful book that will take you on a trip into the minds of computer engineers. Where people who was once just like you and I but who now feel that the world might be a better place if we allow the machines to run our lives. This book takes you into the good and evil of the concepts of artificial intelligence. This is a great read you should pick yourself up a copy today. (Completed: May 16, 2015)

Author: William Hertling

Pure Evil

I gave this book three stars simply because of the lack of editing. I have also self published in the passed and understand how much editors will cost. Once you get over some of the writing the rest of the book was really good. I enjoyed the story line and the characters played well off of each other.

I am not sure if I agree with the other reviewers of this book? I don’t know if there need to be more from this story? I think the author placed us in a spot at the end.
Overall thanks to Jesse for giving us this story into the Pure Evil! (Completed: April, 29, 2015)


Author: Jesse Bastide

Cold Betrayal

What can you really say about JA Jance? This is another great book in the Ali Reynolds series. It really amazes me how JA Jance can take her characters into so many places and have them come into contact with some many different people. This book will take you into two different mysteries.

My one draw back of maybe complaint is that Ali has pulled away from her Cut Loose Blog? I started reading this series because of the technology draw and feel that the books once had. I know now that she is married to B with all of his tech talk could be a replacement? I just feel that she should still be blogging about what is happening in her life? I am sure her blog reader would want to hear what is happening? I also feel that she could have asked her readers of the blog if they knew of anything of this type of cult she was investigating?

Still a really great read and it was hard to put it down. I just finished the book in a solid three hours of reading. But before you read this one start at the beginning and read the entire series. (Completed: April 10, 2015)


Author: J.A. Jance


Under and Alone

This story will bring you some of the chilling facts into a major bike gang. You will read about how a bike gang is financed and how the run their day to day operations. Someone said that the writing was not that good? I thought the writing was very clear and to the point. Does every book have to be written by the same set of rules? It you ever wondered what happens in a biker club, ie gang then sit back and hold onto your handle bars and read this book. (Completed: April 3, 2015)

Author: William Queen



Always Watching

I really enjoying Chevy Stevens. Still Missing was a really good read with turns and twists. This book however was not really a story that took you anywhere. It reads more like a non-fiction. When you read about someones past life and it is in the first person it sounds like a personal reflection. I am more of a fictional reader.

I also found at times that I wanted the chapter to end and it was like the Energizer Bunny, still going. I will read more books from Chevy but this one could be a book to pass on? (Completed: March 27, 2015)


Author: Chevy Stevens


Black Cobra

Another page turner. With each chapter ending you will want to turn the page and see what is coming next. John Avery knows how to really pace a story. You never feel like any of his books are filler. You know reading about a long love scene or learning to much about someones how of job. Just action after action with every chapter. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in his next novel.

This story begins with three different lives in three different parts of the world. John then works his magic and pulls the characters together in one large plot. This book picks up from Three Days To Die so I would suggest you read it first. You know it is a gripping story when I could finish it in just one day. Great writing and again GREAT READ! (Completed: March 5, 2015)


Author: John Avery



Three Days To Die

Let me just say this book gripped me like no other story has for sometime. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. Finishing it in just two days really says something. Each chapter will make you want to read the next and then the next. I found myself turning off the TV just so I could read more about how these two young boys sign on for such an adventure.

This book will teach you that no matter what you should always know what your kids are up to and maybe even who the meet on the streets.
I can’t wait to read the next book from this exciting author! (Completed: March 4, 2015)


Author: John Avery


Still Missing

I have to admit when I started reading this book I thought I would put it down and not complete it. It just didn’t feel like the kind of story I would want to read. But then a friend of mine from our little book club rang in my ear. She says when she starts a book she will finish the book. So I kept on reading and I am glad I did.

Let’s just say that this book will take you into a place that you never want your daughters to fall into. And it takes you into the mind of a sick FREAK. With each page I turned I got more and more pissed off at what or should I say how he was treating a women. But as you keep turning the pages you will find that this was in somehow a learning experience for this poor girl.

I don’t want to give to much of the story line away but I have to say I will be reading more books from this great author Chevy Stevens and you should also. Pick this one up today and grab a blanket and your couch and ENJOY! (Completed: March 3, 2015)


Author: Chevy Stevens



When I started reading this book I was looking for a story in a single binder. This is getting harder to find because everyone wants to keep making money from the same set of characters. This book will take you on a ride inside of one minds mind. He thinks he is going crazy. The author has a talent and a passion for writing a story inside of a story. When you can do that you are leading you way to becoming a star author.

The story has it’s up and down moments but will not let you down. When you read this book the pace is perfect. You will not be able to lay the book down until the very final page. (Completed: February 20, 2015)


Author: Daniel Palmer



This is what I would consider to be a YA genre. When I started reading this one I wanted to put it down. I am not really into this type of read so I thought. I decided to continue reading and see where the store took me. As I read each chapter I felt more drawn into the characters. Each one of the kids had a special reach into the others lives. As the chapters slipped by one after the other I found myself more into the over all story. This is a great writer who will draw you into her books. I now look forward to the following books after this one. I am sure I will read them all.

If you have not yet read this series of books. I would suggest that you begin with this first one and you will surely be hooked. (Completed: January 30, 2015)


Author: Kathy Reichs



Another great read by King himself. This book will take you on a journey like no other. It begins simple enough but take you on some time travel. I didn’t think I would like that type of story line but King does it with great detail. There were times I felt like I was living in the past. I know this book is huge at 866 pages, but you will not want to put it down. And I think somehow in his fictional writing he puts to rest the notion of any one else being involved in the JFK shooting. (Completed: January 11, 2015)


Mile 81

This is a book that brings you back to King. It is one of those twisted tells of death and killing by the unknown. It also has a hero in the story that you would not have guessed. Many time we see someone broke down on the side of the road. This book will prove to you that you should keep on driving! Enjoyed reading this story and would suggest it to all of the horror readers. (Completed: December 6, 2014)

Author: Stephen King


Lost Legacy

Zeo Chambers can find herself in all sorts of strange places and with some strange people. It is relaxing to read how she can take each new step in directions that she has never been before. And with her new love Pete they seem like they will be a match.

This is another great book in the series. Annette can write and spin you in so many direction. I had so many people pegged for these current murders and I was wrong the entire time. That is when you know you have a great writer. This is a must read for all of you murder mystery lovers out there! (Completed: December 6, 2014)

Author: Annette Dashofy


Last Goodbye

Let me first begin with I am a huge fan of JA Jance. With that said, this is one book that would have been better tied into a full novel. Each year at this time I wait for the next Ali Reynold’s book to be released. And the writing was good but the short story was sort of a let down. The entire wedding scene was written in about two pages. And to introduce a new character in a short story might have been the highlight of this short story? I had a chance to meet Jance at a local book signing a few years back and I know she was working on the next Ali book. I wonder what happened to it? On the other hand if you follow this series then you will need to read this installment. If not you will open the next book and find Ali and B. in another light. (Completed: November 26, 2014)

Author: JA Jance


Hatching Twitter

This is a little out of my reading comfort. This is because it is a non fiction. Most of you know I read a lot of computer books and enjoy them. But reading the story of a company is a little different for even me. If you have ever wondered where Twitter came from or who started this new media communication that connects the world? Then you need to grab a copy of this book. Or if you have anyone in your house wanting to start a business then you could use the mistakes at Twitter to increase your chances of success. (Completed: November 24, 2014)

Author: Nick Bilton


Dark Places

What happens when your entire family is murdered and you and your brother are the only survivors? What can make this is worse is that your brother could be charged with the murders. Now sitting in jail and you believing that he is in fact guilty. With the help of some freedom fighters you begin to learn the truth about how your brother was involved. This story is well written by taking you from present day to the family before the murders. (Completed: November 20, 2014)

Author: Gillian Flynn



When I selected this book to read I thought I would big reading a single book story. When I reached the end of the book I found that it is going to be a new series from a great author. The book opens with us meeting a young girl who has run away from her home. We soon find that she is in search for her brother who she found has fallen into trouble. Along the way she meets a great cast of characters. This group of young people take on a large company who are doing un-thinkable research using people and animals. This story will grip you and I must say by the end I was hoping for more. Can’t wait for the next book due out in 2015. (Completed: October 1, 2014)

Authors: John Standford and Micelle Cook


Help for the Haunted

In this story we are brought into the world of the unknown. We know or at least should believe that there are spirits all around us. And we know that there are forces around us that we can’t explain. In the pages of this book we are introduced and are allowed to travel along with a husband and wife who help those that are haunted by such spirits. We are also tossed into how a working couple with two children can put work before family. We then dig into the strength of one of their girls and how even at a young age has to act upon herself to find the truth about her parents. With the help of a reported who has wrote a book about her parents and their work; the young girl unravels the mystery of what her parent did for a living. This is a solid story and at times a page turner. (Completed: September 20, 2014)

Author: John Searles


Mr. Mercedes

This book will open the eyes to new readers who say they will not read Stephen King because he scares them with his horror. This book have proven to me that King also can write a page turner of a murder mystery. When I began reading this novel I thought I was in for a new type of ghost story from the man of horror him self. But you will soon find out that is more of a story of a man who has nothing to live for and someone who is out to destroy everyone who has something to live for. Even more then that this novel will bring you together with a group of people who become really close friends. It will also somehow teach you to make friendships outside of your normal gathering of people. I really can’t give you more then that and still help King sell this book. I can tell you that if you enjoy a good murder mystery with a plot you don’t see coming then pick this one up. Once you dig into this book sit down with a warm cup of coffee and chill for awhile and enjoy where Stephen King takes you. (Completed: August 23, 2014)

Author: Stephen King

Circle Of Influence

Annette knows the true meaning of the craft of writing. Each new character she introduces you to leaps off the page and into your very room. Her gift to dialog is amazing. You will feel that the characters are speaking to you. And her gift to put you in a scene. Not just describe it but place your mind into a room or a car or any other place she wants to take you.

The story. I really enjoy a story that comes around full circle. I won’t give that away but you will understand when you reach the end. Each page I turned made me want to turn another page. It is also enjoyable to find a story with normal everyday people living their lives much as we do.

In the end you can’t go wrong by adding this to your MUST READ LIST. And best of all. This is going to be a series! (Completed: July 24, 2014)

Author: Annette Dashofy


Kill Order

After reading the first three books of the Maze Runner how could I not read the prequel. This book begins and takes you on a journey from where the first book began. You will learn about why the project was first designed and how the World almost came to an end. I read this book in small chucks and then very large bites. I would say start it and keep on going. Each page will lead you into another exciting scene.
(Completed: June 12, 2014)

Author: James Dashner


Moving TargetMoving Target

Another great read in the Ali Reynolds series. What happens when you have characters in three different continents? You begin to have a shift in time zones and that is how this title came about. I attended a book signing for this great novel. JA Jance told the packed room about how she struggled with all of the different time zone and trying to get the characters to call one another. She felt that they were all moving targets. JA Jance brings you into two different story lines and then ties them together nicely by bringing all of the characters to the aid of each other. This is a fast paced novel with everyone on planes, trains and automobiles. I enjoyed the deep relationship Jance has with computers, the internet and murder. You could begin reading JA Jance’s Ali Reynolds series beginning with this book, but I would suggest you begin with Edge Of Evil and read them all in order. If you have time search her name on You Tube and watch her many interviews. (Completed: April 30, 2014)

Author: JA Jance


Doctor Sleep

Did you ever wonder what happened after the Shinning? Well Stephen King is at it once again. He takes you into the book some thirty years later. We walk in the shoes of the boy now turned man Danny. We also find out that there is a new girl born with the shinning in her. They travel along in mind as well as physical body. We learn of people who travel in motor homes and who need to feed one way or another on children who also have a touch of the shinning in them. This is a book that will keep you turning pages. I spent many night up to late and waking up tired because I could not put this book down. I am sure you will find this to be a book to enjoy and wonder who might be in that next motor home passing you on the highways. (Completed: April 1, 2014)

Author: Stephen King



If you ever had any doubt of a great power then this is a book you need to read. Or if you have just had a loved one pass away grab this book and take a quite weekend and read it. With the help of this young boy and his parents we may now have a glimpse into Heaven? Did you ever hear the phrase from the mouth of babes? Well how can this young boy create such tells. It must be true and I now know my dad is in a place of peace and happiness. (Completed: January 20, 2014)

Author: Todd Burpo

Death Cure

A powerful and great ending to a wonderful trilogy that just keeps on giving over and over with every page turn. I am happy that these books were recommended to me from a friend. There are so many twists and turns in this final book that you won’t want to put it down for a second. I often found my self with the book on my chest in the morning from trying to read to late and passing out. Sometimes we end up where we begin. That is all I can tell you, you must read these for yourself. (Completed: January 8, 2014)

Author: James Dashner

On Writing

If you are into writing or are looking for some inspirational reading on writing, you need to grab this book. I am always taking courses and college classes on creative writing, but I must say this book has done more for me then those classes. Stephen King walks you through his crazy past. I never knew he had old run of the mill jobs just like us, and even lived in a four room apartment. Then he talks about writing and how it is always been and has always been about the story. Also don’t write for money write for the love of sharing your thoughts and stories with others. In today’s World of self publishers you will most likely never quit your day job for writing. Just a great book and I could not put it down. Hats off to the man of story telling! (Completed: December 25, 2013)

Author: Stephen King


Scorch Trails

This is the second book of The Maze Runners. This book just like the first will not let you down. You will turn each page in hopes of something good happening to these kids. The story takes you along with this team of freedom fighters from a safe haven; to the depths of HELL. I really enjoyed the way that the author takes you from chapter to page turning chapter. I am already reading the final book and find it hard to put down. (Completed: December 12, 2013)

Author: James Dashner


Maze Runner

If you enjoyed reading The Hunger Games then you are going to be curling up with this great read. It is a story of a new type of games. The first book of this trilogy takes into the depths of what appears to be hell. You will questions your self in trying to figure out just where they might be. As the book takes you into the meeting of new characters you will soon find out each of their strengths and weaknesses. This first book was such a great read I already have the second book open and ready on the Kindle. (Completed November 23, 2013)

Author: James Dashner


Deadly Stakes

Another great read in the Ali Reynolds series. I read a review somewhere that talked about the book being predictable in many way it is but aren’t all sequels?  The turn in this book is that Ali gets put into harms ways her self. Ali normally seeks others who are in harms way but this time she had to be recused by her knights in shinny armor. If you have been reading the series then this one is also a must read. (Completed July 23, 2013)

Author: J. A. Jance



The Unblogger I would say the name says it all. This is a great book if you create any content online and if you feel you might have lost your way. I recently did this with my videos and online classes I was trying to push my self in to many different directions. So I needs to pull back and regroup. That is the jest of this book. Well written and a very easy and fast read. I would say this is worth the $2.99 on Amazon as a ebook. This is a positive read.

Author: Darrell Prodigal



In the final book of The Hunger Games we find that if you have a group of people even from many places with one common goal we can do anything. Even if you have a ruler and you gain the trust of your nation you may just want to get even. And let me say to all of those who say this book is the slowest of all three that this book just has a deeper story line where you have to dig a little deeper. Another enjoyable read!
(Completed March 9,2013)

Author: Suzanne Collins


In this second book of the Hunger Games you will find twists and turns that I never expected to read as I turned each page. I have had many people telling me I should take the time to read this series and after the page turner of the first book I knew I was hooked. Now after reading Catching Fire I can say I can not wait to start the final book which I am reading now. This is a story of determination of one young girl as well as a large group of people. This book leads very nicely into the final book. If you read the first book don’t stop now pick this one up and keep reading! (Completed: Jan 14, 2013)

Author: Suzanne Collins




What can you say about this book and story that has not already been said. I first read this book then watch the movie I must say it makes watching the movie a little boring at time because as with any story the book leads you into much more detail. I started reading this book because my daughter was doing a report on it in school and I felt it was a nice way to connect to her. We were able to talk as we both read a copy of this truly great series. You will get to a point in this book that makes it a page turner. I was not able to put it down until I completed this great story. I just hope our Country never falls into this type of depression or leaded ship. (Completed: Dec 27, 2012)

Author: Suzanne Collins



JA Jance has done it once again another master piece of a book. This is a great read and the on going story of Ali Reynolds and her life as a law enforcement agent. As you read this series it may come to mind that you need to watch how you pick your friends. She really knows how to pick them. In this story you will find your self traveling and learning more about each character. If we are lucky we should be seeing a new book in this series in February 2013?

Author: J. A. Jance



JA Janice is up to her great work once again with Ali who in this book finds her self to be a out of work police officer because of a layoff. When ask from a old friend to help them look into a murder this is just what she does. She recruits the help from a detective and pays to bring him to the scene. In the end the two of them crack the case with a ton of great ready that get’s them there. I hope you are reading this series and please check out JA Janic’s blog and tell her you found her by way of  ENJOY!

Author: J. A. Jance


I can never get enough of this Kidd Series. It is amazing to me how this great writer can pull you into the computer hacking world and he has never been a hacker him self. This store will take you on a ride down a river on a house boat and take you on a journey into the world of guns and money and what else is there in the World?

Author: John Standford


In this FREE short story for Nook owners you will find your self never wanting to hitch a ride with anyone. You just never know and in the end just when you are hoping this last victim will get a way there is even a greater twist. Pick up this short FREE story today.

Authors: Jack Kilborn, Blake Crouch

If you are a Apple fan or if you just want to learn more about how to start and run and sell your company then this book is for you. I truly enjoy reading anything about Steve Jobs this is a man who started with an idea when everyone was not even ready for his invention. Today it seems people talk about computers as though they have been around forever but the truth is that there was a day when no one saw what power they could really have for the so called normal person. But even outside of computers this book teaches you how to better place your business into the world and how to place your company big or small as a leader in your field. I would say to grab this book today and read it. I read this on my nook but you can pick it up used for a few bucks. Enjoy!

Author: Carmine Gallo

If you enjoy a good computers hacking type of a story then this one is for you! This is the first book I have completed reading on my NOOK! Kidd get’s a job of a life time well the money is great anyway. He also somewhere in this book looses a really great friend, but you have to read this to find out who it is and just when it happens. Not to worry though Kidd get’s his pay back in a big way. I hope you pick this book up either in EPub or print anyway it is a really great read. Completed on 10/10/2010

Author: John Sandford

Another great book by JA Jance. This book has Ali becoming a part of the police force in her own special way as a direct link between the reporters and the department. But when she is sent on assignment to watch over a victim of a fire she meets up with a nun. They soon become great friends and Ali soon becomes more involved as always placing her self into harms way. You will find that in this book Ali becomes more then just friends with one very special guy friend of hers. This as the rest is another great read and you will truly enjoy the time you spend with this book. I really hope that there will be another book in this series.

Author: J. A. Jance

This is a book that was written by a man who spent time in a death camp as a very young man. He writes with such great passion and tells this story as if he was writing it as he was living it. In reality he wrote this book many years after the fall of Germany and Hitler. As you read this book you will feel the pain and the hunger of these men who he talks about. You can feel the way a small boy must of felt fear coming from every direction. This is not the type of books I normally review but my wife read it and said I must do the same. She was right and now my mind is also filled with the memories and very much deep regret of what these people must have went through.

Author: Elie Wiesel


If you ever thought of joining a online dating service you may want to think again after reading this great book from J.A. Jance. The book begins just where the last on left off. We begin with Ali talking about remolding her new home. It just seems like nothing is going right as normal for this poor women. Then there is a murder in town and how is this tied into Ali’s life? That is a good question but I think I will let you find that out by reading this book. Let’s just say in the end you will be surprised who is the real hero in saving the day!

Author: J. A. Jance

Digital Fortress: is a great story of the NSA the National Security Agency. The entire story is really created in one main setting. But you will also find your self traveling across the globe with one character. If the name didn’t give it away, this story is about Computer Security and how even sensitive data that is encrypted can at any time be decrypted by who else our government.

Author: Dan Brown

The Devil’s Code: This story will take you into the life of a hacker. When his best friend gets killed Kidd begins to take control of the Internet and a lot of computers to find out why this has happened. The story has a lot of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

Author: John Sandford

The Hanged Mans Song: You will become caught up right a way in a story involving two main characters who will take you on the ride for your life. There is a main plot where a computer has been stolen and they are out at all costs to get it back. Our information flows over the Internet in a free type of fashion and you never know who will be there to intercept it. That is where the story begins and that is what makes the computer they are trying to get back so important. It seems that someone picked up some top secret information that can not fall into the wrong hands.

Author: John Sandford

Cell: What else needs to be said, this story has so many twists and turns it will keep you up late at night reading. And if you have a cell phone now, you may want to turn it off when you are reading this book. My cell rang a couple of times when I was reading and you just want to jump out of the chair. Knowing that I am a computer guy, I can tell you this could happen. I always say if you don’t know the number on the ID then just don’t answer it!

Author: Stephen King

A Simple Plan: Okay I bought this one because I was looking for something to read and when I opened the cover it said that Stephen King thought it was a must read. This book surrounds the idea of walking a long one day and finding a large sum of money. What would you do keep it or turn it in? After reading this book I know your answer will be just like mine, TURN IT IN! This is a great story and sometime a little dry reading but stick with it you will be glad you did.

Author: Scott Smith

Edge of Evil: From my new favorite author J A Jance. If you are reading this, then I already know that you enjoy a blog or two such as I do. And I am always intrigued on how someone can write about a writer, it is like you are writing two stories at once. You will be tossed into the life of an aging news anchor women, ya aged at 42, I guess I am over the hill then at 44. But she begins a new blog called This store is the first a series of book using this same character, and I am reading the second one now and waiting for the third to come in the mail from Amazon. What is really cool about this author is that I e-mailed her and she wrote back to me. A little in side scoop is that the next book in this series should be out this December.

Author: J A Jance

Web of Evil: This is another great story by J A Jance. This is a continuation of the Ali story in Edge of Evil. As you read this book and if you read the first one, you could say that sometimes you may not want what you one day wished for. Life turns at some kind of an even pace, but as you read this story it turns somehow out of control for Ali. J A Jance is one the best story tellers of all times, I wonder where she gets all this from? Well this is a quick review, but I am off to read more of the new Ali story Hand of Evil.

Author: J A Jance


Hand Of Evil: This is another great story of Ali Reynolds that can only be told by the great JA Jance. In this story you get to meet Daves daughter in a most undelightful way. You will also be introduced to some new extended family working at the Sugar Loaf and how they find their selfs in a not to well state. It was a joy to learn how Ali got her start and how she was offered a grant for college. Then sometimes you find out more about people then you really wanted to know at least if you are Ali. This is like all of JA Jance’s books a must read she is an amazing story teller.

Author: JA Jance

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