A Vehicle Becomes Part Of The Family

The Truck

Not to sound like some kind of a nut or even like I am crazy. You have to admit that your vehicle somehow becomes part of your family. We buy a vehicle and we take out loans for 5 or more years we know this object will be there to get us where we need to go. Maybe you traded a car that you used to take your wife to the hospital to deliver your first child? Then you used it to take that child to their first county fair or other event in your area. It feels weird to me because we traded our truck for a car. My wife reminded me that I have not owned a car for almost 20 years, I have been a truck man. The real truth is that we didn’t use the truck to haul stuff any more and it was mainly used to drive back and forth to work. So looking at the economics of the whole thing it makes sense to have a car and save gas not to mention the added expense that a truck brings. So in the end I know it was the right decision and we know that vehicles are inanimate objects anyway. Just remember when you trade your car or truck in you are also handing over years of memories.


A Day Of Traveling


Traveling at least by car has never really been my thing. Don’t get me wrong we have done a ton of it over the years even taking our children on many car trips. But in today’s fast paced world and everyone trying to get somewhere as fast as they can makes you wonder if it is safe anymore? We were on a highway yesterday doing 60 in a 55 zone and there were people trying to run over us. Then you get moving in the fast lane and you find a person driving 10 miles under the limit in the fast lane. Then we have the distracted drivers. Remember when our parents taught us to drive? Both hands on the wheel, hand over hand, eyes scanning everywhere all the time. Today you see more people looking down towards their lap, ie’ SMART PHONE then watching the road ahead. I am writing this in the hopes that someone will read it and think, “I could save a life today by paying attention!”


Great Golf Outing

Penn Commercial did it once again! We had a great golf outing playing with the local college. We are invited each year to the outing because we intern Penn Commercial students.

This year Jeff and I played with two ladies. This helped our team having some powerful hitters.

One thing that was really nice is having a GPS in the cart. You pull up to your ball and you see how far it is to the hole.
New TV


A Day With My Wife and Sister

We like to take this trip at least once a year. This is a trip to the Amish country in Sugar Creek Ohio. On the way this year we decided for the first time to pull off at this Winery that we spotted.

I have to say this was the best start of any trip to the Amish Country. We had a great time taste testing. We then sat down with our favorite for a glass before moving on.

Pictured here are my sister on the Left window side and my wife on the Right.

Amish Country

This is a picture of my glass.

Amish Country


A Night At The Fireworks

Tonight I went to a local festival with my wife and daughter. We go to the same location each year to celebrate the Forth Of July.

We did however get a little smarted this year. We didn’t park in the closed in baseball field; we instead parked down the road in a businesses parking lot. This saved us hours after the display was over, we made it home in record time.

This is a picture of me that my wife grabbed as I enjoyed the fireworks. If you never tried to watch fireworks with sunglasses on I would recommend it.

4 July 2013


A Day With My Daughter

Today I spent the evening with my daughter. My wife was going out with her daughter to a concert; so I thought I would take my daughter to a movie and dinner.

We first went to see Monster University. I know this is geared more to kids, but we are all kids at heart. This is a real gem of a movie a real Pixar treat.

After the movie we went out to eat at Quaker Steak and Lube. It was wing night but we both know we could not eat enough wings to make that worth while. We both ordered regular orders, and both had the Louisiana Lickers. I thought they were a little spicy; but my daughter loves hot things so she thought they were great.

I did have to have a beer with dinner. I thought it was a sign of the times when my daughter said drink dad I can drive home. Funny how as we get older we have some benefits that we never thought we would have.

It just would not be a post by me without a picture. This is a pic of my beer.



A Visit With Mom

I can remember a time growing up when each weekend I would jump in the car with my dad and head to his mothers. We would make that drive each weekend as I see now to return to my dad’s roots. I have very fond memories about that part of my life. There was a little caboose that was transformed into the little hamburger joint. They had the best .25 burgers. Yes I said .25. They were more like sliders but my dad would buy me 4-5 at a time.

Well today I took my daughter and we went to visit my mom. I wish my mother would live closer then she does. We do however make the trip to see her. She is about an hour from my house.

On the way this weekend I told my daughter that we were going to pick her up some flowers. This is a pictures of the flowers we picked up for mom.



Visiting Our History

I always say to know where we are going we need to know where we come from. Today we spent the day visiting my wife’s history. We took the day with her bother and sister in-law to where her dad grew up.

It is really fun to go back to a house where someone grew up and feel that little boys face looking out the window. I made the comment wouldn’t it be cool to go to his old bedroom to find something he wrote on the wall? Maybe something like this “Thanks for visiting my home my children I never met?”.

Here a couple of pictures I shot.




Ducky Tour Of Pittsburgh

Today I spent the day with my wife. When we woke up we started to wonder what we wanted to do? We knew we had to get out of the house and find somewhere to go.

My wife thought that a ducky tour would be fun and very different.

After arriving at the ducky tour ticket center we picked up two tickets for the 1:30 tour. The tour will take you through the streets of Pittsburgh with the guides telling you more then you ever knew about the city. Then you head to the water, yes I mean the river. As we rode down the ramp we plunged into the river for a nice little boat ride.

This is a picture of the type of craft that we were in.



If Your In Ohio Eat Amish Food

Whenever we visit Ohio we always pull out the GPS and search for Amish food. There are a few reason but the main one we do this for is “Home Made Noodles”. There is one thing you can be sure of when you go to an Amish dinner is that the food is home cooked and mostly home grown by local people. I am not sure but would have to guess that the meats are even locally raised.

I grabbed this quick pic to give you the name of the restaurant that we were in today.