Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

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This is an area I want to use to keep you up to date on the books that I have written or ones I am currently working on. Working as a self-publisher it is more difficult to get our books into the hands of you the readers. Writing has always been a passion of mine since I was very young. Please pick up a copy of one or better yet both of these books and watch for future releases coming soon.

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What would you do if one day you found that one of your children was somehow possessed by some unknown force? This is a story of a loving family that wanted to move to give their family a better more relaxed upbringing away from the city. While selecting a house price is not the only thing to consider. Houses seem to take and hold many secrets from others that have lived in them before you move in. Always look into the past of the house before you buy.



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This is a story of three rookie ghost hunters. The three of them set off on a ghost hunt one snowy evening. This book will leave you with the feeling that ghosts do walk among us.


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Our lives take many turns. We have to make changes all the time. This is a story of a loving husband and a good father who somehow got caught up in it all. You will be turning the pages until the very end. Then you might even sit and wonder when you are done.


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