Fri. Jun 9th, 2023


WHAT IS A PODCAST? A podcast is a sort of online radio show and can be about any subject that you can think of. At this writing there are thousands of people out there just like you who are recording and producing podcasts. Once you find these podcasts or online radio shows; you download them to your computer and listen to them either on your computer or any MP3 player. The easiest way to find podcasts is to download and install ITunes. Once you install this to your computer, click on the link at the top left that says Podcasts and then you will find a smaller link at the bottom right of the program for the directory when you can subscribe to any show you wish to list to. Read below on what it is to subscribe.

WHAT IS A VIDCAST? First a Vidcast is a larger file and take some time to download to your computer. In a net shell a Vidcast is a podcast with Full Video. Some people have heard me say in the past that one day we will be getting all of our home TV using some form of the Internet and this is a beginning of that revolution as I see it. If you have a video Ipod you can also download these Vicasts and play them on your video Ipod.

SUBSCRIBING: Now when you subscribe to any of these shows it is FREE yes I said FREE! Why do we as podcasters do such as thing as take our time to produce FREE content for the Internet? I am really still asking my self that question everyday. I do it because I really enjoy teaching about computers and the more people I can help the better I feel about my self in the morning. I produce three shows each week and have around 8000 listeners WORLD WIDE yes WORLD WIDE, I could never get this many people into a lecture to hear me talk for an hour or two. Then there is the FEEDBACK, this is when people who listen to our shows sends us either e-mail questions or just comments on the shows. Check out my show and start learning in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

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