Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Waking Up

I moved my head to the left to try to get a glimpse of the clock on my nightstand. 5 am, I rubbed my eyes and rolled back over. I reached out for Julie my wife and felt only empty covers. I tried to remember if she had to be at work early of was it just that she was up already doing something in the house? I reached across to Julie’s nightstand and grabbed the remote for the TV. I clicked on the set and flicked through the channels to find nothing on, every channel was blank. I slid off the bed and went to the window. I was shocked when I looked out and didn’t see the normal movements of people and cars on the busy city street below. I even started to notice that there were no birds flying by our apartment window. How could this be? Normally by 5 am there would be people either jogging or in their cars on the way to work. Maybe I need to go back to bed and get up again? Would that help? Could that help? I walked over to the dresser and grabbed a pair of boxers. I then walk into the bathroom. Might as well get a shower and maybe the water will snap me out of this, whatever this is?

After the shower, I grabbed a pair of jeans and went out to the living room. I didn’t see Julie anywhere. I walked into the kitchen and she was not there either. I put my hand on the coffee pot to see if it was warm? It was stone cold. Julie would never leave the house without first saying goodbye and giving me a kiss. That was our thing since we got married some time ago. We would also text each other when we got to where we were going to make sure we got there alright. I grabbed my phone off the charger and pulled up WIFE on the screen. I send Julie a text message. “Where are you? I am worried when I found you gone this morning? Love Ken.” I checked the switch on the phone and made sure it was set to ring. I placed it back on the counter. I walked over and grabbed the coffee out of the cupboard. I made a pot of coffee and then went back and checked my phone. No responses yet, what the hell is going on?

I made a cup of coffee and walked back to the living room. I sat in the recliner and picked up the remote from the coffee table. I clicked on the TV hoping that the cable was fixed by now. Nope, every channel was blank. I switched the set back off and tossed the remote onto the end table. The newspaper that’s it, I will check the paper out in the hall. I opened the door leading to the hallway and found no paper. I looked up and down the hallway thinking that maybe I was just missed. I found no door had a paper in front of them. I walk back into the apartment and close the door behind me. I think next I need to take a walk down the street to the market and grab a paper there. I really need to know what the hell is going on around here.