Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Short Story of Johny Walker

Growing up in a small town has it’s ups and down I guess but there is one thing for sure we did have our good times and bad times. I would like to take some of you time and tell you a little about my self. First my name is Johny Walker and as I am writing this I am the ripe age of 65. But back when I was a boy at least as long as I can remember anyway there were those ups and downs just pretty much like everyone has.

Well let’s just begin at the point I can really remember.

I grew up in a small town maybe at the time about 400 people or so. We had the local school building that we all walked to each day. No not up hill to school and up hill home in the snow that would not ever make sense. We had a local market I would guess in today’s standards it would be a convenience store, but back when I was a boy you could tell us it was a grocery store and we would have bought it. We also as I remember had a candy store you may remember the type of candy store where you could buy a bag full of candy for a dime. Remember the dime not worth much these days.  And we also had a lot of woods around us where you could go and play for hours and none of our parents ever seemed to worry much about where we were.

Growing up I had as many boy’s a best friend who was really more like a brother to me being that I was growing up with two sisters. His name is Jeremy. Yes my self and Jeremy were really hard to be a part from each other. When you would want one of us you could yell either name and we would both come running.

Let’s begin with our first remembered mishap of these two young boys.

Leaving the house early in the morning was not really unusual for either my self or Jeremy. I woke up just a little after 7 AM and thought about what I might do today. I picked up the phone and gave Jeremy a call to find out what he might be thinking about. Jeremy said he would like to grab our fishing poles and head out for the creek. We never caught any fish in the creek but it was a way to get out into the woods and yes around the water. I told Jeremy that I would be at his house in about a hour and began to collect up my gear. Once I had everything together I set out to meet up with my friend.

Knock Knock Knock on the door and Jeremy’s mother answered. I was invited in and offered something to drink and some breakfast. Jeremy’s mother was always nice to offer food. Maybe I looked a little slim for my age and she wanted to add a little weight to me? We grabbed some eggs and bacon then put some water into a canteen and said we were off to go fishing.

So Jeremy what have you been thinking about last night? I don’t know Jon it seems that I am always thinking of the way it will be some day when we get older and move away from here. I replied with I don’t think we will ever get any older at least not like our parents and have to go to work each day and come home mow the grass cook dinners and worst of all raise kids! Jeremy gave a little laugh at the thought of either of us having kids of our own. I guess he know what we would get into each day on summer vacation that he didn’t want that thought to cross his mind.

Making to our favorite fishing hole yes you are right the one with no fish. We thought we would give it the old fishing try and see if today was our lucky day? We baited our hooks and dropped our lines into the water. It was not even 5 minutes going by when Jeremy yelled I think I have something! I grabbed a net and ran over to him to see what he had on his line. There it was a perfect 3 okay maybe 5 inch chub. But we were so happy that we finally pulled something out of there that Jeremy yelled out. Today I officially name this fishing hole LUCKY CHUB!

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