This is my personal site that I use for just about everything to create a log of my life as I grow older. I enjoy sharing stories with loved ones and friends outside of social media because I feel this is more directed to just those who care to read the stories that define my daily or weekly life.

I am the son of two loving parents who raised us with the idea that if you work hard and learn every day you will become an upstanding citizen and have a bright future. They also raised us with the knowledge that you must always give 150% to all you do in life.

I spent 12 years in the Army with learning and understanding communications and electronics and how to watch out for your follow soldier. I think that the Army defined who I am today.

After the service, I spent the next 10 years of my life in another uniform. I went to school and became a paramedic and worked with a local ambulance service. I enjoyed helping others and when not on the unit I was helping out in the hospitals.

While working at the Ambulance service we began to see computers and technology moving into our field. I felt it would not be long before technology would take over many other fields. I started to teach myself programming and designed and wrote a trip sheet program. It was the first to ever be designed and was a bit before it’s time. Today many other companies are using my base design and using these on tablets in the units.

Next, I felt that people may want to connect to each other so I started a BBS or Bullet Board Service in my apartment. It was funny because the phone company did not understand why I wanted so many phone lines. This was before AOL and the others.

When I have seen that writing on the walls that the Internet was going to release to the public I searched for a few investors. Finding two we started the first Internet dial-up access service in Washington Pa. WPCD.COM or Washington Pa. Connected. Building the network from scratch and learning along the way I taught my self-networking, server management, cabling, phone line servicing, business management, and web site programming. Running the business for three years we sold when the big two decided to start selling Internet.

Taking all my new knowledge on the road I began to seek full-time employment in the computer field. And it ended up even better then I could have imagined!

I met the CEO of a private school for at-risk children who wanted to give me a chance at his schools. He could have chosen any one of the 100 applicants but he saw something that as he put it knew would be a fit for his growing school. I worked at this private nonprofit school for the next 4 years. It gave me even a greater ability to grow as a network administrator and allowed to attend formal classes for networking, network security, Windows Servers as well as programming classes to build needed software for the schools.

After the 4 years, I found an opening in a public school I thought I would take a chance and apply. I have been blessed to be able to do what I love “technology” and have my hands in helping to educate our youth and prepare them for their future. There will always be education and there will always be a need to move forward with technology for the students. Also working a school gives me many opportunities to attend even more formal classes and gain even more knowledge on a day by day bases.

I also found that now I have some time I enjoy teaching others about technology, servers, computers both PC and Macs, and Digital Photography. I teach these classes online and currently have 160 students enrolled. I also teach for free on YouTube having over 20,000 subscribers with some videos having over 1,250,000 views. Life is to short to keep your mind closed I always say knowledge is to be shared!

Even with all I do I always make time for my family and enjoy spending time with them making sure our kids even know they are getting older know that we are always here to talk. Still very old fashioned when we have dinner together we still sit at the table with no TECHNOLOGY and talk the old fashioned way FACE TO FACE.

I am currently in classes for Creative Writing.  I also continue my technology education by obtaining new certifications.

There is a short view of my life. I bet you never thought you would see this much information on an about page? Thanks for taking some time to learn about me and I hope that you will visit or follow my RSS feed. Also, check out my videos and podcasts. If I can ever help you with a tech question drop me an email.

Please be sure to use an RSS reader to pull my new content as it’s posted.

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