I am researching for a new novel I am working on. I wanted to find out how many famous people in life who have built and shaped this nation and who have never went to college.

Autodidactic: This is a word that college’s will not teach you. Because they don’t want you to know that you can learn on your own? This is a great path for those men and women that are dedicated to a topic or skill and want to know everything possible about it. These people have a drive to learn it on their own. In their own time and with no expense to them or their families.

Two of the most famous people in recent times that did not complete college is: William Gates (Microsoft Owner and Founder) and Steve Jobs (Co-Founder and CEO past of Apple.)

In doing my research I found many, yes many more who have taught themselves what ever expertise they desired. This is a great way to learn, because instead of opening their wallets, they just open a book.

Here is more information that I used for my research on autodidactic. CLICK HERE.


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