Why is it that every time you tell someone you are getting older and then you tell them how old you will be soon, they turn and tell you I wish I was ?? again. I don’t really want to be this age once, I don’t think I will ever say I would like to be it again. I would like to be 20 again, just to have what I like to call a Do Over. But would we really change anything that we did when we were young? If you think about it what we did in all of our life makes us who we are today.

Oh how old am I going to be? (43) Thats 43 years of memories that some I hold close and some you want to tuck away in the back of you mind and never let them leak to the surface again.

My mind is still clicking away, I will never be known in the world such as the computer greats as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but in my little circle of technology friends I am looked upon as having more knowledge of what we do and how we do it then both of these guys together.

If you read my blog, remember that life is a lesson and you need to learn something new each day. I am not just talking about a formal class setting, if you are raising children then learn from them, watch them in this new world and new time that we have put together for them and always remember how we got here. I really hope today’s children will remember this rule because this to me is how we will come out in the end as a socializing place to live. With today’s computers and how many hours our children spend in front of them talking to their friends, I really hope that they will be able to have a face to face with each other as well as other people and be able to talk about anything that may come up.

Yes I am going to be 43 in a few days, but as you see I still am watching the world around me. I always say that with age does not just come aches and pains it also brings wisdom as long as you allow it to enter your mind.

By jokorn

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