What is happening to our Youth?

I spent some time at a local mall on a Friday night and I wanted to point out somethings that I found with our youth in the US.

The first thing that I found was that our youth in the US are very under educated on how to act in public. I don’t know where this comes from and I really don’t think this is from the very generation that is raising them. I found that kids talk very loud to one another and they use the FU word like it is an everyday noun, and they will use it to fit into any conversion that they are having. I won’t go into each way I heard it used here, but I am sure if you spend some time at a local mall you will hear how it is used.

Second, this one really got me. As I was in a local computer store a Apple Store to be exact which if you are shopping for a Apple computer don’t go on a Friday or Saturday night, because it has become a nice hangout for kids, which if anyone from Apple is reading this tell Steve that this should help to kill his holiday sales. The apple store looked more like a arcade room then a place to sell high end computers and how many adults want to go into an arcade on a weekend? I did talk to one sales person who told me he feels more like a baby sitter then a computers sales person. But the way I heard this young man and I mean young man, maybe all of 12 talking to this other young man about what someone could do with his body parts just told me that our youth has no class to them at all, if this is the word I am looking for. Then I had to stop and think, is this the way he hears his dad talking to his mom?

When I finally met back up with my wife, I told her if today’s youth is really tomorrows leaders then we all should be building bomb shelters. I could see the first time that one of our youths are overseas and talking to a foreign official and says something like, If you don’t stop making those FU bombs, then we have to kick your FU ass, and if you don’t like then then you can just grab my BA, as he is leaving the meeting trying not to let their jeans fall to low below their boxers.

Okay I know this is not all of today’s youth, but the mall I was at was in upscale US and the school there is maybe not number one in the state but does have a very high tax base. And I know if I was living in that area and paying those tax’s I would demand more out of my school. But let’s step back one minute, we never can put this back on just our schools, we HAVE TO RAISE OUR CHILDREN AT HOME FIRST!

Here is your last thought, let’s say that you are watching the above meeting on TV with a group of your friends, how would you feel saying after the meeting, THAT’S MY BOY!

By jokorn

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