I know I don’t post a lot to this blog, this is because I only want to post when I really have something important to say. This is what brings me to this posting.

A few weeks ago we went to a local amusement park to spend the day with our kids and give them a chance to blow off the hard school year. As you read this remember that on this day is our local schools day at the park, this brought not only the teen age kids but also the elementary age children as well.

As we were walking to a ride, we heard a young girl behind us talking as loud as she could to her friends, where everyone else around her or just walking by could hear what she was saying.

So what was she saying? This is some of the dialog: If I want to curse then that is just what the HELL I will do, then she made this next remark, and for this posting I will place it here, sorry if I offend you, I know it offended me. She started to say over and over again: God F#$@ing HELL, God F#$@ing HELL, I will curse if I feel like it. I turned to my wife who turned to me and said: Is this what our kids are learning in school?

I told her that I think it is more peer pressure or just trying to look like a butt head with their friends. I know that no school would ever allow this type of open rudeness in or on the school grounds.

I really think this is just what happens when kids do not have their parents with them. Parents today put their kids on a bus and send them to the park with the school to get the kid out of their hair, I think. Or I guess at some homes this may just be the way that the parents talk to their children, if they talk to them at all.

If you are a parent, try to teach your kids right from wrong. Of course if you are reading this, then I am sure that you do. It’s people out there who are under educated to read this or get on the Internet that I am worried about.

Kids need 24 hours a day guidance, we as parents are here to point them in the correct direction, and most of all teach them how to act when out in public.

Thanks for reading the blog and I enjoy posting to you.

By jokorn

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