I am new to HD TV and the entire HD thing. This is going to be the short list of what I have learned so far about HD.

First when my wife and I were shopping for a new TV for our living room about 2 years ago, we did what most of you have done and went to a store and I began to look at all the sets. I knew I was looking for at least a 32″ set and I really knew nothing about HD. What I noticed about the TV that I really liked was the great picture and the vivid colors that this set was producing. So my wife agreed with me that this is the set we would take home.

I got the set home and connected it, then I turned in on to find that the colors I was seeing in the store is not what I brought home. I called the store and asked what could be wrong with my new TV. I was told that in the store they were using an HD signal to display the sets. HD is what gives the picture better quality. I really think this is a little dishonest. Most people in their homes do not yet have HD they are using what is known as SD or Standard Definition.

Now I am in the quest for that great HD signal and I have been waiting for the satellite companies to offer local channels in HD and now they do, well at least one. Dish Network. So I ordered my new PVR HD from Dish Network. I have been a Direct TV customer for years and this is a bit of a problem. You see once they have you they will not give you any of these great NEW CUSTOMERS only deal to upgrade your equipment to HD. They do offer upgrades for about $300.00. Who wants to do this when you can call the other guys and get a 4 room HD setup for FREE.

So can your TV view HD? Here are some points I learned this week. My 2 year old TV is ready to view 1080i signals. Which means it will view 1080 interlaced signals. A lot of new sets out today talk about 1080p which mean progressive scan. You will pay more money for 1080p but here is a little secret I found. There is no one sending out true 1080p signals. This is because the video is larger then 1080i and would take more time to transmit it to you.

There is also 720p which is still HD just less pixels then the 1080i.

Here is the last fact that I can tell you about the difference between 1080i and 1080p. 1080i is interlace which means that the picture comes in as lines, first the horizontal lines then the vertical ones. Where 1080p all come in at the same time which makes the picture a little faster to refresh.

I will keep you posted here as to how the new setup works and what we think about the new HD which is claiming to be what color TV was in the 70s. Anyone remember when they only had a Black and White set in their house?

By jokorn

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