I am glad that you stopped by to help bring HIGH SPEED INTERNET to our town. I keep asking my self if everyone is getting High Speed Internet on all sides of us then why can they not provide it to us? I am sure you have been asking the same question as I have talked with some of our residents and found this to be the case.

From what I understand from Verizon is that once we have the 50 customers sign up using the form I pointed you to they must provide us with High Speed DSL within and no longer then 12 months from the date that we hit the 50 that we need. The way I look at this is that we at least will be heard and they will know that we have a lot of computers in our town and yes we do use the Internet.

Help me to spread the word, talk to everyone who lives around you and pass the web site link around so that we can hit the begin date soon.

In talking to a field rep I found that we have the cables in the area we need, all they need is the reason to turn them on and provide us with the speed we need.

Please when you do fill out the web form for Verizon fill in my little form with your address and location so that I know when I can call them and start pushing to have this completed.

Thank You for your support in this matter!


By jokorn

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