Programming for IOS

X Code

I have always wanted to start programming for IOS for both the iPhone and the iPad. I have plans designed to take some if not all business from some Pittsburgh based companies. I have always wanted to design this system I am working on and I figure if I can build the right team this will be a great part-time work. I still really enjoy where I am working now and I work for a great company. But it is time to take this project to the masses. First I have to learn more about programming using Xcode.

I have been a Visual Basic as well as a PHP programmer for years now. For this project I am working on it will require the use of the iPad. If you are reading this and you feel you would like to be a part of this start-up please get in touch with me.


IPAD 2 Must Have Or Not

The new IPad2 is this really what we were waiting for? Well we got the cameras that everyone has been asking for. There is the new faster chip and the faster graphics but is that all we were waiting for?

Apple has a way of making us believe the we need to run out and buy something new every time they make something smaller, thinner and lighter is this really the case?

I do however really like that they now have it so that it will mirror onto a screen, but they once again missed the calling on this one. Who in the hell has a HD tv on their wall in a class room? We use VGA projectors so we need VGA out to mirror the full screen onto our smart boards.

So I will end this with this thought. When will the IPad3 be showing it’s little head above the little Apple company?