Well if you have been reading this blog you know that I was suppose to get DSL from that company I would rather not talk about by the end of the year. Well it looks like those people do not have and calendars!

So today after talking about putting our house up for sale; my wife told me to try one of the new Sprint Wireless Broadband Internet Access Cards. I am set to go out and buy the card today and begin my 30 trial period. This will allow me enough time to test it for speed and also to attempt to share it on my home network.

Now if you live where there is no High Speed Internet services I would suggest that you keep up with this blog I will give you the truth on the subject of using Mobile Cards for home connections.

The first thing I would recommend that you do is check on Sprints site for their maps and check your address to see if Broadband or EVDO as they call it is available to you.

After visiting the Sprint store I did find that Sprint is the only company to offer you true UNLIMITED access at high speeds. The other companies will begin to slow your connection down if you use to much and they don’t allow you to stream music or video.

It all sounds to good to be true for $60.00 a month I will be getting what I have not had now for almost 4 years; HIGH SPEED INTERNET! I wonder what I have been missing?

By jokorn

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