Today we one of those day’s that we long for to be able to just hit the road and relax with your loved one. My wife and I began the day by going to visit her mother who is now 79 I might add and chat for awhile.

Our next stop was the movies where we seen The Internship. This was a funny movie sometime very predictable but these day’s what movies aren’t. It was a upbeat movie with a lot of fun times. It does show what I feel that is sometimes really the case in that a lot of young technology gifted minds never get much of a chance to explore life? It also does show the real inside workings of Google. This is a worth see and maybe even a must if you are in the technology field.

We then went to one of our favorite places to eat Texas Roadhouse just a nice friendly place with a friendly staff. I would recommend however to stay away from the ribs seems a little to much fat for my taste.

Back to work tomorrow and I will give you some more updates from the Technology Trenches.

The Internship

The Internship Movie

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