When my wife woke up this morning she asked what was on my agenda for the day? I really dislike creating agendas because normally in my field the day never goes as planned. But I thought today would be different so I told her I would like to visit the Pittsburgh Art Festival. She then asked what were my plans for breakfast? I returned with a simple let’s grab something out because there is no sense messing up the kitchen before leaving for the day.

After getting ready we grabbed out light jackets a couple of ball caps my Nikon D600 and a 50mm lens and headed out the door. Our first stop was a local restaurant were we has some normal breakfast foods I did however add sausage biscuits to my order something I rarely do because of this calorie counting thing I have been doing for months now but I thought we would walk it off anyway.

We finished breakfast and got on the road stopping for gas because we know there just never seems to be enough in the tank. We made it to the Burgh in some form of record time arriving around 10 AM and we had our choice of parking and very close I might add.

I have been a photographer for years and never thought to go to the Art Festival? I am hooked now and if you go don’t walk around like some kind of zombie as I have seen many people look just like one. Stop and talk to the artists and it wil open your eyes to some amazing art. We met one younger man while we were sitting having a beer that is a producer for a local news station and he is a expiring photographer.

We then decided to walk Pittsburgh as my wife and I often do is to do what we call the 3 minute plan. This is how it works. In 3 minutes or less think of something you want to do and go do it. Today we walking over towards PNC park and checking out an Irish Pub which was closed. We did how ever run into a place called the Beer Market which has over 50 draft beers and 500 bottles from around the World. Here is a picture of their one tab system.

Beer Market

On the way back to the car we decided to eat a Jimmy Johns because I heard it was so great? It is NOT. My wife even made the statement that she can make a better sandwich at home! When looking for something to eat and you see a Jimmy Johns I would recommend walk fast past it and don’t give it another thought. Their modo is You Can’t Believe How Fast, it should read You Can’t Believe How Bad!

Thanks to all the Artists at the festival that I may have talked to to long for your time. If I had the money I would have a ton of your work hanging all over the house.

Here is a picture from the Pittsburgh Art Festival if you have never been there I would suggest jump in the car and head down and give your self a few hours at least to look around. I really enjoyed as I told my wife many times today seeing the World through an Artists eyes is real different then we view it.

Pittsburgh Arts Festival

Flickr Photo Creator: Desiree Williams

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