Well as I stated yesterday I gave in on the cell Internet. I even told my wife that it just makes us more efficient to keep up on your emails when you are on the move all day as we are at work. There are days I don’t even see my desk for more then a few minutes in the mornings. I have curved my desires to pull my phone out every time I feel it vibrate or hear it ding. I can now talk with others face to face without worrying about a missed message.

On the social side I no longer feel the need to open up facebook or Google plus every time I sit down at a computer. I can now completely focus on my work and not become distracted with someones dog, kids or shopping news! I don’t worry about approving people within minutes so they can join my group.

SO we this test a success? YES I think only after a week I retrained my mind and reflexes to be mine again. I really wish others would try this also and maybe we could once again talk with one another face to face with NO DISTRACTIONS?

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