Today was when of those days that opened my eyes for not being on social media. One of my friends said that her summer will not be going to well because of what happened to her daughter I asked what happened? She said to me that I would not know because I am not on Face Book this week but her daughter broke a bone in her foot.

Just this little story shows how we are connected to our friends more then ever before.

Here is another thought. My daughter came home from graduation and said how much she cried because she has a lot of friends who were moving on and she will not see them next year. I told her in today’s world and time it is not like when we graduated from high school we never heard from most of our class again until a reunion? In these times all the kids are friends with all of the other students and they will follow them for years to come.

Back to my test week. Today I was working to connect this blog to my twitter account and in doing so I read the top few tweets. We were having a family dinner last night and I asked one of our daughters if she stayed up and watched the entire hockey game? My wife said how did you know that and I responded I saw it on twitter! They both told be I failed my own test? Not really I only saw the one post from her while checking my blog posting plugin. What I am proving here is that we are so interconnected that sometimes we don’t even think when we are connecting one media outlet to another.

So in conclusion for this forth day of my test I am still on track. My wife wanted me to call one of my Google friends and I told her I have to wait until Sat.

One more day and really at the end of this week I really do not feel I am missing anything. Sometimes missing something online make for a better conversation when you do talk face to face.

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