As the months pass us by we see changes in the seasons. Now with the cold weather settling in all around us we tend to retreat into our homes and begin to crank the heat up. When we have to run to the store, we rush out and start our vehicles to warm them up before we head to our destination. Maybe when the cold weather began to settle in you brought some more fire wood into the house for the fireplace?


Why am I bringing up all of our joys of the winter season? It’s very simple.


There are many people who I have seen living on the streets and sleeping in a box or maybe just under a blanket. Many people walk right by them and say things like, get a job, I work why don’t you? The truth is that many of these people would love to have a job. What I am asking with this post. No matter where you live you will find someone who is down on their luck. Take the money that you would use for one Christmas gift and give the money to a homeless shelter. Or you could simply walk up to a homeless person and reach out your hand and give them the money. When you do say, “Merry Christmas”.

By jokorn

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