So have you been out shopping today? Black Friday why would what is suppose to be the greatest shopping day of the year with the best deals be referred to as Black? Is Black not associated with the worst times of our life’s? Face it when ever a loved one passes away we wear Black RIGHT?

I think that someone a long time ago came up with the term Black Friday because this is when most of us depart with large amounts of cash, so I guess it is one of our worst days of the year.

Either way you cut it Black Friday is suppose to be when you get the best deals of the perfect gift. Now answer this question, then why is it right after Christmas everyone has clearance sales? Should this not be the case on Black Friday?

How many of you out there shop for the following year the day after Christmas?

Okay I asked a lot of questions here and this is to just give you my thoughts on this somewhat special day for shoppers. Really it could be a special day for most men, because where is you wife right now? Of course she is out shopping. I would like to see the NFL bring out a lot of games for Black Friday, and if you live in or are a part of Steeler Nation then we could call if Black and Gold Friday.

My last thought is that when you are out shopping for all your loved ones, please give a few dollars to the Salvation Army. I make it a point that what ever store we go into if there is a person there collecting, before I pass I drop a couple dollars. This is a great group and they care for others all year long.

Happy Shopping!

By jokorn

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