I have been working this week on something I found to be a little scary about your e-mails that are sent over the Internet. Did you know that your e-mails can be intercepted from anywhere on the Internet and read by anyone who has what is known as a packet sniffer? This is a brief on how this works.

Your e-mail is sent in what is known to the Internet as a packet or bits of information that are put back together on the other end my another e-mail client such as outlook. With a packet sniffer these packets or bits can be pulled from the Internet and put together by anyone who wishes to read your e-mail.

I am working to find out how GPG works to encrypt your e-mails and turns them into garbage until the other person who you are sending them to has a key to unlock or put the garbage back together into a readable e-mail message.

You can check out the project for your self at: GnuPGP. 

As I learn more about this subject I will post more thoughts here, or maybe do a how to page to teach you what I learn.

By jokorn

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