Well the week has began without social media and not using Internet on my IPhone. I have just been bothered lately with so many people always pulling their phone out of their pockets and looking at it even during a conversion.

I am also one of these people. So now I am trying this little test for one week of not using my phone for anything other then being a phone.

Also I am dropping all social media for one week. I love all my friends and watching what they are doing but I need to spend sometime with what my family is doing.

The first thing today I found it was hard not to grab my phone this morning and checking my email. I asked around and I am not alone so many people use their phone every morning just as our parents would grab the paper.

The social media missing a few posts really didn’t bother me just not allowing my self to open any of those web sites. I will give you more tomorrow on my test.   

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