I was sitting here and I looked at this blog and found that the last post was talking about spring time. Now as I sit in my kitchen I can feel the cool air coming through the window. It seems that we are now going right into fall. Where has the summer gone? You walk into any store and you will find Halloween candy ready to be purchased and fall decorations. It seems that the stores control the weather that we all must live with. I for one don’t think I am ready to put my motorcycle away and pull out the winter clothes but I guess that is how life goes when you live in PA. The one thing colder weather brings is more time in the house working on my novel and reading more. Well I hope my next post is not talking about spring again. I keep saying I will vow to write more on this blog but in the end who really reads it but me? Check back and we will see what this mind will release the next time.

By jokorn

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