Finishing my first novel has been a real treat for me. Coming in at just under 110,000 words I feel like I have been writing it for a year. In reality it has only been six months. I am now in the polishing phase. This is where I get to read my book for the first time and make cuts and additions to the story.

At the same time I am currently working on my second novel. I am creating a murder mystery. When you write fiction your mind seems to never sleep. Some nights I wake up at two or three just to get a few lines done in the book.

Taking writing classes through a local college has been a treat. The instructors have been very helpful and lead you to the path of good story telling.

In my final thought. A lot of you who bought my first short story have asked me to write the second part. I started it, then backed off. I have so many ways to take that story and when I decide on the way I want to move then I am sure I will complete the second book on that series. Another Remembered Day. Thanks to all of you who bought it. And to those of you who did not I must ask why not?

Even if you have never written a book at least pick one up once in awhile and read a book. Books will open your mind and sometimes land you in a place that you never thought you would be!



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