This is my new desktop using a FREE OPERATING SYSTEM called UBUNTU LINUX. I have toyed with using UBUNTU for years now and I have always ran away screaming. LINUX as a desktop system just has never been polished or user friendly, until now!

So why a FREE OPERATING SYSTEM? If you build you own computer you will be paying about $200.00 for a copy of Windows before your computer will do anything. With this system you just download it and install it onto your computer for FREE. It works just as Windows works. I have a button I click on to open programs, I even have a FREE word processor that opens and saves Microsoft Documents called OPEN OFFICE.

Why is it FREE? This is a question my wife asked me. The reason it is FREE is because it is written not by one company or even one person. This OPEN SOURCE software model is a collective programming venture by programmers all over the World. When you have a system such as this it tends to be more secure. This is because you don’t wait for one company to fix an issue, there are always people working at updating the system and making it better.

So if you want a weekend project, I would suggest that you try UBUNTU LINUX from my early stages of testing I found that it has been doing everything that my Windows or Mac has been doing for me. And you won’t have to worry about viruses or spy-ware.

Back to testing, just wanted to get the word out to you who read this blog. By the way I am posting this using my UBUNTU laptop.

By jokorn

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