I have been looking at some old pictures today, I guess trying to pratice what I preach about getting them organized and backed up. As I began to look at these I had an instant thought; where did all the time go? Even though we feel young as we grow older, it is when we look at our kids and compare them to pictures of time gone by that we have to ask, where did all the time go?

Not pictured here, is my son. He is a fine young man of 22 now, and it seems like only yesterday I was changing his dipers and worring about how he was doing in school. Now he is grown and I sit back and feel older, but why don’t they also say you are only ad old as you feel? If you look over this blog you will see that I have done a lot of work around the house, and let me tell you the next morning I feel like I am 90 and was hot by a train!

As I look back over my life, it has had twists and turns and up and downs there may be some of it I may change, but I would never change having kids. Having kids allows you to grow up all over again, we worry about every step they take. I think of my mother who even today will call me and say, you better wear a coat, you know you get colds fast. Yes we never stop being parents, and we never want to see our parents leave us.

Can I get back the old days, when my kids were young and we traveled with them to far away places. I guess not, so for now I will enjoy my kids at the age they are and try to always do what is right for my family.

By jokorn

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