When Vista first came out I had really high hopes, at my District we bought a few copies the day it was released. I also created a new podcast show just for Vista. Now for the catch, I tried to use Vista and I tried to like it, but I spent more time watching a timer or beach ball or what ever in the hell it was then getting any real work done. I since stopped the podcast, I really can’t tell people to go out and buy a product when I don’t even use it.

I would like to hear from you, who ever is reading this. Do you feel that Vista will stay around or be pushed out for Windows 7? Or do you think that more and more people are using FREE software like Linux, or going to the Mac?

My last thought, is that we are going to be conducting a test here at our district and see if we can install Linux on a few student PC’s/ We are then going to watch those computers and get the feedback from the students about how they worked for them. I will keep you posted on this one. Take Care.

By jokorn

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