Well up to this point I have been telling you the good things about my new Internet with Sprint. I still really have nothing bad to say. The speed has been keeping up with what I consider to be broadband, there have been times around 6 AM I will find speeds up to 3 MBs.

We did have an outage yesterday which lasted about 6 hours. The card would still connect, but it seemed to be hitting a tower to far away for any speed. Now for the good part of this. I called technical support and talked to a real person within 3 minutes after I picked up the phone. He helped me to test my connection and gave me some good ideas of how to correct it. But being the trouble was with the tower I just had to wait it out.

I just upgraded this blog site with the new Word Press software which on dial up used to take me almost 2 hours. Today from the time I unzipped the package until I began this post it took about 8 minutes. So am I happy? I am over joyed.

Take care and have a great week!

By jokorn

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