If you look at my posts you will remember I got the new Sprint Broadband USB card on Sunday. I have been very impressed so far. I am getting download speeds from 600 KBs to 2 MBs. But in reality and doing Internet Speed Tests at work we find these to be all over the board.

The true test of your Internet Speed is if you can do what you want on the Internet and see what you want without waiting for pages to load. Well at this point I am now a You Tube junkie, I really enjoy sitting and watching videos from everyday people as well as finding some very useful information.

So has this been a good buy for me? Remember I have no other access to High Speed Internet where I live and it is a little costly, but over all it has been a GREAT buy. I have already recommended to 3 other people this service and they are all buying them at this point. Maybe Sprint should be paying me some kind of kick back?

My main reason for telling others is that if I really like a product and find value in it then I like to spread the word.

Well back to YOU TUBE!

By jokorn

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