Well I recevied my Magic Jack a few days ago and it did install just as they said it would. I had it up and running in about 10 minutes, it takes just a little while to download the software to the computer. After the install you select a area code where you live and then it assigns you a number.

My first call out was to my cell phone and it rang as expected. Next I called my new number from my cell phone and my home phone rang just as it did on Ma Bell.

Now for the down side I found so far.

1st: There is sometimes a delay, you can really notice it when talking with someone in your house that you can hear through the walls, they talk and a second or so later you here it on the phone.

2nd: As you are talking sometimes you may miss what the other person is saying, they keep talking and you hear nothing on your end, SOMETIMES! I did talk with my father the last night for about an hour and no trouble at all. I did try to call my sister where I think they may not have good phones lines and I got disconnected twice.

So is there some bugs, I would have to say yes. I have also been trying the Skype out service for only $3.00 a month call anyone and talk as long as you like. I have been doing this from my computer and it just works, no drops or delays.

Will I keep the Magic Jack? If you are asking me today I have to say no. I think I will request a return and try another route to save on my phone bills.

Should you try Magic Jack? I would say YES, just use a credit card I understand that if you use a debit card they will charge you the day you order it. This is due to some kind of banking issue not them.

I will report back and let you know how the return process goes.

By jokorn

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