I picked up a new lens so that I can shot in doors. I bought this inexpensive lens which is a fixed 50mm f/1.8 lens. It does take a little getting used to the fixed focal length but once you understand that you have to move your body instead of the lens then you are on target.

I have tried a lot of time to shot basketball games and my pictures were always blurry. The main reason this happens is that the lens that comes with the camera is not fast enough in low light conditions without a flash. It is hard to use a flash at sporting events we don’t want to make a player miss a shot on the hoop.

This little lens when I first took it out of the box I felt disappointed because it just looks very small on the camera. Until I took my first couple of shots, you then feel the full power of such a lens. This picture shows that the lens is clear and sharp with no flash. I did find a trick that makes it even better. I changed the camera to shutter mode and set my speed to 1/125 sec and it grabbed the action and stopped the ball in mid air.

I would now suggest that anyone with a DSLR pick up a 50mm fixed f/1.8 lens for your bag.

By jokorn

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