My wife and I went to see Social Networking last night. My wife is not a techie and has no real desire to have a Facebook account but she wanted to see this movie to see what makes someone like this young man tick?

Without giving much of the movie away we did find out the money is the very form of greed. Now we all know that Hollywood does like to add a lot of drama into a movie this is just what will make people come out and see it. But at the end of the day there were a few people that really gained and lost in the wake of Facebook.

My wife stated that the movie portrayed all techies as being drunks where they show a lot of scenes where the programmers are sitting working on code and drinking.

My take on this movie is that you have a young man who was searching for a way to reach out and gain some friends. This is a very smart young man who I would guess spent his young life living in books and not really taking the time to be a kid this is when we make some of our life long friend relationships.

So by the end of the movie did I want to go home a log off of Facebook for the last time? No I saw the movie as explaining a business that was started by a young man who may or may not have stole the idea from another group of young men. But this is the same way many great companies have been started. Have you ever heard of Microsoft? Take some time some weekend and watch a movie called Pirates of Silicon Valley. Someone once said sometime the idea for great art is not the creator he may have stole the idea from someone else.

What makes a billionaire is not who comes up with the next big thing it is who can delivery it first to the target audience.

There have been many great ideas and many people who have created these ideas but just didn’t know how to deliverer them. So someone comes along with the talent and the drive to run with the idea. I think that is what this movie shows.

So ending this thought I would say that you should go see this movie and I hope you leave thinking that you too can come up with the next big thing. I only hope that you keep it to your self and work hard to delivery it to the target you wish to effect the most.

I would also like to hear your take from the movie and what you have taken away from it. Since this is going out over the social network Twitter I would hope you become a follower of mine.

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