Date Night and The Movies

Date Night

Date night or date day depending on when you are heading out with your loved one. My wife and I wanted to spend a nice time out with each other. We wanted to see the new movie The Bull with Clint Eastwood. Seems simple enough. But there was a glitch in our little time together.

We arrived at the movie theater (Cinemark). Seemed simple enough to us we did as many of you would do we went to the theater and went up to the window to buy our tickets. We normally would use the Kiosk which used to be outside and one more inside. (They were removed!). So when we made it through the long line to the ticket counter the man asked us for our confirmation number? Or you phone ticket? We said we just wanted to buy a ticket to see the movie. I asked which seats were available? When the young man showed us the screen the only seats that were open was the one right under the screen really dumb to sit with your neck bent looking up at a screen. I asked why they took the Kiosk out and he said you have to now pre-buy online only. So we left and returned to the car. My wife looked up the ticket sales on her phone and we found what they are doing. If you buy your tickets online they are getting an extra $2.00 per seat. So an $8.00 ticket now will cost you $10.00. This kind of practice is exactly why people would rather stay home and watch NetFlix. I can see a lot of older people where most of the movie theater income comes from soon disappearing. It would be hard for them to order tickets on their flip phones!

We went out to dinner and had a nice time chatting. We then decided to stop at a Red Box and rent two movies for only $4.00 and went home and watched them together. Funny thing is we still had popcorn (Homemade) and FREE refills on our drinks along with a couple adult beverages. Movie theaters are quickly becoming a thing of the past. I for one really would not care if they closed them all do to this PRICE GOUGING of the very people who once paid their bills.


Good Reads Challenge

Good Reads

When you set a Good Reads Challenge it gives you a goal to get some reading done throughout the year. So how do you reach your goal? First set a little time aside each day to put your feet up and grab your book and relax and read. I have found that you can give yourself an hour after work each day to steal a little time for yourself. Another tip I can give you is to always carry your book with you. I have found that by reading on my Kindle and by using the Kindle app on my smart phone I always have my book with me. Better yet the book will use whisper sync and keep all your devices up to date on whatever page you are on. Stephen King once said, “You can read in chunks or you can read as a marathon.” All Mr. King is saying is read. I talked with one older women once who I found reading and I asked her, “What is the best time to read?” Her response, “All of the time. The only time you should never read is when you lay down for bed.” She went on to tell me that your body knows it’s time to sleep, so don’t waste your time. The main tip I can give you is to read. If we just watch TV and movies you will miss out on so many great works or writing.


Fathers Day

Today I spent the day with my daughter out and about starting with a movie called Now You See Me. This was a very interesting movie about magic on the big stage. It grabs you from the very beginning and holds you in for the entire 120 + minutes. The story line takes you on a modern day Robin Hood adventure so watch closely and you will understand what I am talking about. My son had to work today so I missed the time with him. We are going to make it up with a round of golf when the rain breaks.

We then took a ride to a new Frozen Yogurt bar which was nice. My daughter wanted to go out to eat but it was already after 2 PM and I felt it was to close to dinner.

Then it was off to Best Buy to check out the latest in touch laptops. I first felt that touching a screen was no my cup of tea but now with Windows 8 it is the way of the future.

After returning home we picked up my wife and went out for a quick dinner.

We also took a ride to the cemetery to visit my fathers grave site. My father who passed away just the past October.

Pictured here is the cover for the movie.

Now You See Me


Social Networking The Movie

My wife and I went to see Social Networking last night. My wife is not a techie and has no real desire to have a Facebook account but she wanted to see this movie to see what makes someone like this young man tick?

Without giving much of the movie away we did find out the money is the very form of greed. Now we all know that Hollywood does like to add a lot of drama into a movie this is just what will make people come out and see it. But at the end of the day there were a few people that really gained and lost in the wake of Facebook.

My wife stated that the movie portrayed all techies as being drunks where they show a lot of scenes where the programmers are sitting working on code and drinking.

My take on this movie is that you have a young man who was searching for a way to reach out and gain some friends. This is a very smart young man who I would guess spent his young life living in books and not really taking the time to be a kid this is when we make some of our life long friend relationships.

So by the end of the movie did I want to go home a log off of Facebook for the last time? No I saw the movie as explaining a business that was started by a young man who may or may not have stole the idea from another group of young men. But this is the same way many great companies have been started. Have you ever heard of Microsoft? Take some time some weekend and watch a movie called Pirates of Silicon Valley. Someone once said sometime the idea for great art is not the creator he may have stole the idea from someone else.

What makes a billionaire is not who comes up with the next big thing it is who can delivery it first to the target audience.

There have been many great ideas and many people who have created these ideas but just didn’t know how to deliverer them. So someone comes along with the talent and the drive to run with the idea. I think that is what this movie shows.

So ending this thought I would say that you should go see this movie and I hope you leave thinking that you too can come up with the next big thing. I only hope that you keep it to your self and work hard to delivery it to the target you wish to effect the most.

I would also like to hear your take from the movie and what you have taken away from it. Since this is going out over the social network Twitter I would hope you become a follower of mine.

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Seven Pounds Movie Bust of the Year

seven My wife and I went to see the latest movie from Will Smith called Seven Pounds. I wanted to post this in the attempt to try and save you some wasted time and money.

If you must go and see this film may I suggest taking seven pounds of chew candy so at least you will have something to do like picking the candy out of your teeth.

I told my wife that I don’t even think Will Smith read the script before going onto the set, he would never pick such a movie to star in. This is no Men in Black!

In all I would have to say this is more of a spiritual movie, where Will or Tom wants to help others buy giving part of his body or organs to help and improve their lives. I don’t want to give the ending or the beginning away in fear of getting sued be a movie company somewhere.

This is a movie to be rented from a Red Box for a buck, don’t go and drop your hard earned money thinking you are getting Will Smith in his best role, because you are going to be sadly mistaken.

Well there goes another 2 hours of my life that I could have been doing something better! But the popcorn was fresh.


The Dark Knight

Is this the movie of all ages? I do know this is really not suppose to be a movie for all ages. But you always have those parents that think they know more about their kids then the experts.

If you are thinking of seeing this movie, this is not a wait for DVD movie. You have to watch this movie on the big screen, the bigger the better!

We were very entertained for about two and a half hours. You can eat a lot of popcorn in that amount of time.

It is really sad to know that the person who played the Joker is passed away. This is a person with a large amount of talent and I know he is going to be hard to replace in the next Bat Man.

Well as you have seen with this posting, I am not giving anything away about the movie, I want you to enjoy it as we did. And by the way (LEAVE THE LITTLE KIDS AT HOME, This is not like the 70’s batman that you remember.


Movie Not To SEE!

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN! If you want to waste a few bucks, then rent a movie that I am sure will put you fast asleep. I on the other hand, took my wife to see this in the theater, big mistake she kept hitting me because I was snoring to loud! I can say the popcorn was good. What made this movie so bad? NO PLOT, NO REAL ACTING, NO POINT. Sometimes I think that they give an OSCAR for a movie like this to bring up its earnings, it should have won best picture never to be watched. On a scale of 1 – 10 I would give this film a -12.

So you ask, did I like the film? NO NO NO! Maybe something better will come out to really entertain us. Until then watch YOU TUBE videos.