Today I spent the day with my daughter out and about starting with a movie called Now You See Me. This was a very interesting movie about magic on the big stage. It grabs you from the very beginning and holds you in for the entire 120 + minutes. The story line takes you on a modern day Robin Hood adventure so watch closely and you will understand what I am talking about. My son had to work today so I missed the time with him. We are going to make it up with a round of golf when the rain breaks.

We then took a ride to a new Frozen Yogurt bar which was nice. My daughter wanted to go out to eat but it was already after 2 PM and I felt it was to close to dinner.

Then it was off to Best Buy to check out the latest in touch laptops. I first felt that touching a screen was no my cup of tea but now with Windows 8 it is the way of the future.

After returning home we picked up my wife and went out for a quick dinner.

We also took a ride to the cemetery to visit my fathers grave site. My father who passed away just the past October.

Pictured here is the cover for the movie.

Now You See Me

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