You may have of may have not heard of a little outdoor flea market in Ohio known as Rogers. We have heard of this place sometime ago and just recently starting talking about going to see what all the hype was about. When you first pull into the parking lot you think it really just looks like a large fair grounds. After you leave your car and make you way through the fence you realize what all the talk is about! We saw nothing but rows of tables and stuff for as far as our eyes could see.

If you venture inside the buildings you will soon notice that this is where a lot of people put almost permanent stores. We found a little coffee shop, a meat and cheese market and yes even a tire shop that will put on your tires are you shop.

We bought a ton of vegetables which were prices that will make you sick if you think of what you pay in stores. $2.00 for a good size basket of green peppers, hot peppers and yes even tomatos.

Then you venture outside where you enter the largest yard sale type event I have ever witnessed. I call these sales “I remember those” or “We use to have one of them”. If you are a sucker for old items such as I am and I have found my wife is you can spend a lot of money but will bring home some great prizes. If we only would have had our truck with us we would have purchased a old console stereo which had a built in eight track. We really just wanted it for the working turn table. I found out today my wife still has a little passon for records we found 33 and 45’s. Maybe next time?

I grabbed these two pictures with my IPhone to give you a small view of such a large place. If you ever get sometime on a Friday take a ride and poke around.



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