A Visit To Natural Bridge Virginia

As we were driving home we decided to visit Natural Bridge Virginia. We found the brochures at a rest stop I thought when will be back to ever see this? We made the turn and drove almost 60 miles out of our way.

By the end of the day we visited the Natural Bridge, the wax museum and the caverns. So was it worth driving 60 miles out of our way to visit this attraction? YES YES YES! When ever you go anywhere I would say to take an extra day and visit the sites around or on the way to your destination.

This is a picture of the Natural Bridge.


To see more of the pictures from this location please use this link.



A Flag Day With My Wife At Rogers Ohio

You may have of may have not heard of a little outdoor flea market in Ohio known as Rogers. We have heard of this place sometime ago and just recently starting talking about going to see what all the hype was about. When you first pull into the parking lot you think it really just looks like a large fair grounds. After you leave your car and make you way through the fence you realize what all the talk is about! We saw nothing but rows of tables and stuff for as far as our eyes could see.

If you venture inside the buildings you will soon notice that this is where a lot of people put almost permanent stores. We found a little coffee shop, a meat and cheese market and yes even a tire shop that will put on your tires are you shop.

We bought a ton of vegetables which were prices that will make you sick if you think of what you pay in stores. $2.00 for a good size basket of green peppers, hot peppers and yes even tomatos.

Then you venture outside where you enter the largest yard sale type event I have ever witnessed. I call these sales “I remember those” or “We use to have one of them”. If you are a sucker for old items such as I am and I have found my wife is you can spend a lot of money but will bring home some great prizes. If we only would have had our truck with us we would have purchased a old console stereo which had a built in eight track. We really just wanted it for the working turn table. I found out today my wife still has a little passon for records we found 33 and 45’s. Maybe next time?

I grabbed these two pictures with my IPhone to give you a small view of such a large place. If you ever get sometime on a Friday take a ride and poke around.




Day 14

A long night with my sick daughter who was just plain not feeling good. We made it though the night and she stayed home from school.

I took a half day at work to get her some ginger ale and some soup. When I returned home she looked a little better but still feeling under the weather.

Nothing much happening at night ate dinner, watched some TV and hit the rack!


Day 13

My show this morning was going well until my microphone boom decided to ripe out of the desk and left me holding it which then I became flustered. So I did end the show quickly and then had to move my mic and the boom. I hope to have my new setup for the show this next Sunday.

Today my daughter and I decided to take our dog to the lake and get him into the woods. We had a long walk with him and he was tuckered out. It took me awhile to get him to drink out of the creek. This is a city dog!

The evening went well spent the time creating some new content for You Tube and also my podcast and posted each.


Day 12

This could prove to be a great day! It is suppose to be 60 F today and I can already hear some birds outside chirping away. I am calling my photography client today to see if we can move the photo shoot up from Sunday to today. It is suppose to rain tomorrow.

I called the client and we did have the outdoor photo shoot today we shot in two locations and had a great time with the senior. Also did a photo set with a rifle which was new to me. If you ever do this make sure you remove the bolt and clear the magazine. We still have the studio shoot setup and will be doing this soon.

Well on to editing these pictures from today and sorting them out in lightroom.


Day 11

Not a bad day at work today I am still working at uploading PIMS but that is the story of my life!

This evening I took my wife and daughter to the cheese cake factory for dinner. Very nice place and very pricey. We did have a 50 minute wait which I never normally take from any location. Buy the time we did get our food it was around 8 and by the time we were leaving there it was around 9:30. Then that gets us home around 10:30 then it was passing out in the chair.


Day 10

Living in the fast lane with these darn IPad’s! I am talking about the ones we have at our school. We have a cart of 30 that I spent the entire day installing apps on using the Apple Configure. It works well KIND OF! It would be nice if you could just plug all 30 in and have the application push out all your new apps and leave the IPad alone. But sometime it was wiping the entire IPad out and you had to go through the setup once again.

Once at home the World gets a little better right? NO I got the mail to find a medical bill for $250.00! I almost had a heart attack. Running into the door and getting on the phone I found that we had a misspelled name on the card or that was submitted or what ever. Why don’t the insurance companies use our social security number like EVERYONE else in the world! I think we have it under control?

In the parenting arena not a bad night. Okay my child did ask for a return of the cell phone which I am on a hold out. Her mother says she should not be getting her phone back until the end of the year. I don’t know if the is the answer or not to creating a better child? I know my child is a lot nicer without the phone. And we get to talk once in a while. When it does come back to the house I think there will be a time limit on how long it will be giving to the child each night.

I love my children but parenting is HARD HARD HARD! I am trying to find ways to spend a more time with my children but as they get older they start pulling away which is good just heart breaking.

Well off to bed and get ready for tomorrow when I have a class to go to. NIGHT!


Day 9

Day 9 and what a start to a new year already? As I have been talking about I have been having issues with one of our children and trying to find out were I went wrong as a parent?

We had a short blow up tonight over what I really don’t know. Why on earth are our kids this days on edge so much. Is there really that much or many more issues in their schools? I am full of questions and I guess I am searching out you the reader for the answers.

At the end of the day I was able to sit with my child and hash out a few items but I am sure we have some more. I ofter get accused of wanting my child to be to great! Well I think we all want our kids to do better then we did and that is all I ask. But at the end of the day I just want my kids to be happy in what ever they choose to do.

We did sit and look over grades and I gave some friendly parent advice. I just hope I can get through this next year and a half and get my child out of school.

As the advice I give to many readers when they are having troubles (GOD SPEED).