Living in the fast lane with these darn IPad’s! I am talking about the ones we have at our school. We have a cart of 30 that I spent the entire day installing apps on using the Apple Configure. It works well KIND OF! It would be nice if you could just plug all 30 in and have the application push out all your new apps and leave the IPad alone. But sometime it was wiping the entire IPad out and you had to go through the setup once again.

Once at home the World gets a little better right? NO I got the mail to find a medical bill for $250.00! I almost had a heart attack. Running into the door and getting on the phone I found that we had a misspelled name on the card or that was submitted or what ever. Why don’t the insurance companies use our social security number like EVERYONE else in the world! I think we have it under control?

In the parenting arena not a bad night. Okay my child did ask for a return of the cell phone which I am on a hold out. Her mother says she should not be getting her phone back until the end of the year. I don’t know if the is the answer or not to creating a better child? I know my child is a lot nicer without the phone. And we get to talk once in a while. When it does come back to the house I think there will be a time limit on how long it will be giving to the child each night.

I love my children but parenting is HARD HARD HARD! I am trying to find ways to spend a more time with my children but as they get older they start pulling away which is good just heart breaking.

Well off to bed and get ready for tomorrow when I have a class to go to. NIGHT!

By jokorn

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