Do you ever enjoy wasting you time? I mean wasting it at the hands of another person for no reason what ever?

Today I found out just how much of a coward people can be. You take time out of your busy life to meet with someone about an important aspest of your life. In this meeting everything looks great and you are ensured many times over that you will be receiving a call. When in fact I really think that there was never any intention of calling at anytime.

What is even worse is that you have to find out from someone else that the call will never be coming. Here is a life lesson people. If you are going to meet with anyone about their services ie’ roofer, cement worker or your pool guy and you don’t require their services because you find someone cheaper at least call them back and let them know.

I passed up other side work waiting for a call be recently and let me say is it not fun. So in the future always make sure you call, drop an email or even send a letter and let the other person know you no long are requiring their services.

By jokorn

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