seven My wife and I went to see the latest movie from Will Smith called Seven Pounds. I wanted to post this in the attempt to try and save you some wasted time and money.

If you must go and see this film may I suggest taking seven pounds of chew candy so at least you will have something to do like picking the candy out of your teeth.

I told my wife that I don’t even think Will Smith read the script before going onto the set, he would never pick such a movie to star in. This is no Men in Black!

In all I would have to say this is more of a spiritual movie, where Will or Tom wants to help others buy giving part of his body or organs to help and improve their lives. I don’t want to give the ending or the beginning away in fear of getting sued be a movie company somewhere.

This is a movie to be rented from a Red Box for a buck, don’t go and drop your hard earned money thinking you are getting Will Smith in his best role, because you are going to be sadly mistaken.

Well there goes another 2 hours of my life that I could have been doing something better! But the popcorn was fresh.

By jokorn

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