I have been writing on this personal blog for years now and until I just found this cool new book called The UnBlogger I didn’t relize that maybe I in fact have lost my way?

What I am talking about is that loosing your way when you are creating online content for others to watch. I began this little advanture back in 2008 of creating You Tube videos I was doing because I cared about what people were learning on the Internet and wanted to make an impact on helping to learn more about computers and Photography.

I stated to loose my way just liked the book talks about because I started to care more about my stats and how many subscribers I was getting then caring for the very thing I started out to care about the PEOPLE!

So what now how has the first few chapters of this book change the way I am thinking?

I am going to go back to being me and creating new content and doing it for you the viewers. I am not worried about stats or how many views I am getting no I am worried more about you who ever you are learning from what I post. Along the way I hope to earn a few dollars to help with my web sites and other needed items.

So if you are reading this post please drop me a comment so I know this message is getting out there. Thanks for stopping by!

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