I was thinking the other day like some geeks every now and then must do, what was it like back in the beginning when I first got into the computer field? Yes before Windows and Apple back when none of in the field ever thought that a computer would ever wind up in business, let alone schools and homes.

I started to dig around on the Internet looking for old DOS programs just to have a look back to the past. I found Microsoft Word 5.5 for DOS for FREE, yes FREE and it still works like a charm. With some draw backs of course. Like you can not print to a USB printer; remember USB was not invented back then, Damm another gadget I missed making! But look on the other side of the coin, I could have created Windows of course I was a little young but still very much into the computer at the right time.

Listen to my Talk Tech With Jack this week where I will be talking about using some fun programs I found to play with DOS on your Windows or Mac. I will also post links to download these FREE programs on that site after the show.

I would still like to hear from you if you read this blog. E-Mail me if you get a chance.

Screen Shots (Top: Word for DOS 5.5 Bottom: Word 2004 on my Mac)

MS Word Old and New

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